Why 'No Two Nutritionists Agree' is a Myth

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Why 'No Two Nutritionists Agree' is a Myth
We did the same when we cut carbs, saturated fat and high-fructose corn syrup. These days, there is a cottage industry in gluten-free junk food. Coming soon? A whole new … And perhaps more impressively, the very same council can proudly claim some of …
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11 foods that Jeb Bush should eat on the trail — diet be damned!
That's right — Bush has turned to the famed “Paleo” diet in an attempt to shed some pounds before a likely presidential run. But The New York … It's almost a rite of passage for a politician to eat a corn dog at the Iowa State Fair come August. If …
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Ten Reasons You Need to Join a CSA, Recipe Included
Potatoes and carrots just pulled from the earth, ears of corn picked on the same day you're planning to cook them, tomatoes plucked from the vine, little, earthy, new, just-dug-up potatoes—nothing you can find at the supermarket, even if it's organic …
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Sugar versus salt
A recent article from the British Medical Journal lends much needed insight into the sugar vs. salt debate. I often tell my patients that sugar is their enemy (and other foods that quickly turn to glucose). We know that heart disease is the leading …
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