WHEAT BELLY (gluten-free) DIET – What I’ve Been Eating!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dr. Osborne discusses the ever evolving gluten free diet. New research on corn gluten shows that it is not safe for those with gluten sensitivity.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


17 thoughts on “WHEAT BELLY (gluten-free) DIET – What I’ve Been Eating!

  1. Hi Kristin , lovely video so informative, just one thing and this is no way
    a critizism , i am not fast enough to write down some of the things u eat
    because u keep waving the bags/containers around thanks for sharing

  2. REally wish we had a Trader Joe’s over here in Blighty :-[ (er….that’s
    England to you non-blighty folk, lol). Anyone know good alternative stores
    in the UK?

  3. You are wonderful please ignore those who comment on whatever sound it is
    you make due to dry mouth. I think it is rude to even mention it. It was
    not even that noticeable until you mentioned it. 

  4. Great video! I’ve only recently subbed, but I can tell already that you
    could soon become one of my faves because you know so much about food &
    their nutritional content/benefits, which is so interesting because I plan
    to do a food & nutrition based degree when I finish my A-levels :) One tip
    for the lip smacking – which doesn’t bother me by the way! Is to have a
    glass of water nearby with a straw, so if your mouth is dry whilst filming,
    you can just have a quick sip of water to help :) 

  5. WAKE UP! Gluten and Gliadin are POISONS for the entire body especially the
    Brain. They are definitely linked to Celiac disease. Many Neurological
    disorders are caused by it and it makes you ADDICTED to foods. That is why
    Cereals are loaded with Wheat(genetically Modified). Wheat of today is not
    the same as what our Grandparents ate.Dp the research and you find it is
    linked to many diseases

  6. Is this doctor saying plant base diet bad for you. Like Quinoa, lentils,
    nuts, beans , legumes etc? I dont eat processed food, sugar, bread, wheat,
    dairy neither. Please inform.

  7. What I have learned is if there is a gluten sensitivity, there is most
    likely a dairy sensitivity as well. How true is this?

  8. This is a great video, and I learned a lot about the failure to heal that I
    have not seen anywhere. Sprouting may work, but every person is different.
    What might work for you may not work for someone else. Better to look into
    fermented foods: yogurt, kefir, fermented veggies, kim chee.

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