What the Paleo Diet Gets Right

The Paleo Recipe Book

What the Paleo Diet Gets Right
Critics of the popular and widely-discussed Paleo Diet, nicknamed “the caveman diet” which emphasizes unprocessed, quality animal proteins and fats, fresh vegetables, sounded off triumphant following the publication of a scientific study in the …
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How To Buy Better Bacon
Rich Food Picks–White Oak Pastures, Organic Prairie, Jones Creek Beef, Thousand Hills Cattle Company, Applegate (look for its organic line, as opposed to the naturals line), Atkins Ranch lamb, Pete's Paleo bacon, and Becker Lane Organic pork. Also on …
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5 Confessions from a Paleo Dieter
We basically NEVER eat out (except for tonight when we we ordered pizza, and it was glorious), we shop on the outskirts of the grocery store (buying produce, meats, and dairy products for the babies), and we stick to a modified paleo diet, because I …
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