What Marilyn Monroe Ate For Breakfast

The Paleo Recipe Book

What Marilyn Monroe Ate For Breakfast
It's hard to imagine that anyone paid much attention to what they ate before Gwyneth Paltrow started providing instructions. But, it appears Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe was a pioneer of weird celebrity diets long before the days of Goop. As Eater …
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Best Diet Plans: Paleo Diet vs Whole 30 – Which is Better?
The Paleo diet suggests eating foods that cave men ate back in their time. Stupid Easy Paleo explains that it focuses on "real, whole, minimally processed foods." The site adds that the main foods allowed in the Paleo diet are meat, seafood, eggs …
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Paleo king Pete Evans: The heat is on
The designing of in-flight meals for Jetstar was one of my favourites because I knew how incredibly tough it would be for the contestants. I usually take my own plane meals made by Nic [fiancee Nicola Robinson] when I travel so I can eat well and have …
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