What Healthy People Eat For Breakfast

The Paleo Recipe Book

What Healthy People Eat For Breakfast
These healthy morning meals aren't anything out of the ordinary: No fancy Paleo recipes or expensive juices appeared in the findings. Check out more of the study's conclusions in the infographic below. Perhaps it's time to give your morning meal a …
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Scientists confirm that the Paleo diet is nonsense
The theory behind the very trendy high-protein/low-carb Paleo diet is that we should mimic the diets of our Paleolithic ancestors, eating mainly meat, fish, and a restricted list of pre-agricultural vegetables and fruit. (There is some debate within …
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Central Coast Paleo delivering healthy meals to locals
The Paleo diet is an adaptation of the foods early humans ate before the agricultural revolution. It means eating meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. It excludes dairy and grain products such as milk, cheese, cereal, corn, wheat, rice …
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