Week 4 on the Paleo Diet – CRASH & BURN!

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http://MamaNatural.com Week 4 on the Paleo diet and we CRASHED and BURNED. Hear the whole sordid story in this video. Catch up with me on Facebook – I post t…
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20 thoughts on “Week 4 on the Paleo Diet – CRASH & BURN!

  1. I love your honesty in this video;) great . All four of them were great. I
    was considering doing nth is diet but then my husband reminded me that out
    ancestors like the caveman only lived to about 25-30 so their diet isn’t
    sow thing we should be following0⃣:) lol

  2. 85% of the food they bought at the grocery store was Paleo. Some people
    still eat dairy on Paleo. Either way not spiking your insulin will help you
    in the long run.

  3. I think me has and Jamaican consume paleo diet literally, I think that is
    what is all since our diet has a Jamaicans consist the same thing in a
    paleo diet, we love our meat starch and vegetable fruits, we drink milk but
    not alot Iike ur family and we eat alot of fruits and potatoes sweet
    potatoes, yam, breadfruit, green banana alot of ground food since we are
    basically from Africa

  4. Excellent…my paleo experience led me into ketogenic dieting and I totally
    crashed and burned. However, i felt so off for so long and now eat some
    oatmeal. However, everything else is still pretty much on what would
    typically be a paleo diet….but not for the purpose of being on paleo…I
    just like that way of eating. I eat a ton of sweet potatoes, winter
    squashes, veggies, healthy fats, and lots and lots of protein.

    Your grocery run looks super healthy and to be honest, so many people
    following paleo pretty much eat what’s on that table because there are so
    many versions of it.

    Thanks for sharing

  5. I am in your same boat, my husband and I both went paleo on Oct 1st. My
    husband got hit with a nasty head cold that has made the rounds a few times
    in our house. The only thing I wanted was crackers and ginger ale. Than the
    morning nausea started. After some trial and error, we are still 90/10
    paleo. I have to have a grain in the AM . But for the most part we keep out
    all processed or refined sugars, if we do have grain its 100% whole grain
    and only in the am . We started Paleo for weight loss reasons. My husbands
    down 17 lbs and I’m down 10.

  6. Try the RawTil4 diet. It’s the best thing ever. Freeleethebananagirl (here
    on YouTube) knows all about it. Scientifically the body runs on Carbs, for
    it’s the basic energy source for humans. The best form or carbs is through
    high sugar fruits like bananas.

    Meat has no fiber therefore the body can’t get rid of waste easily because
    of this. Fruit is full of fiber so it will keep you regular. Since the
    vegan diet, I have never been constipated.

    Sickness is also rare on the vegan diet. I haven’t been sick yet. My
    sinuses have improved greatly on the diet. My energy is better, everything
    is just bestter.

    DISCLAIMER: If/when you start this lifestyle change, you will go through
    detox. You may or may not gain weight depending on your background. Detox
    includes “going to the bathroom” multiple times a day, acne breakouts, and
    strong cravings (depending on the individual). Also, do not calorie
    restrict. Eat as much as you can, plus more (no lower to 2000 calories a

    Anyway, thats all the advice I have. Hopefully I didn’t waste my breathe in
    case you already tried this because this is an old video.

  7. Here’s the thing about the paleo diet. It starves the body of
    carbohydrates, which is converted to glucose in the body. Glucose is
    virtually the sole fuel for the human brain. Your son, husband, and you
    were all craving bread and other carbohydrates because you were starving
    your body. Just some food for thought.

  8. I just watched all four of your paleo videos. Thank you for this and for
    being so transparent and honest about it. I dont do well at all with
    gluten-containing products and dairy, so my diet is automatically a bit
    paleo – but I eat potatoes, rice, beans and lentils on a regluar basis and
    dont think I could do without it. So I absolutely understand. I think its
    good to go for short-time diet experiments because you really get to know a
    lot about your body and your needs and find the diet that is perfect for
    you <3 All the best for your family!

  9. So I’ve been “Paleo” since late June of 2013 and the main reason being that
    I was consistently gaining weight every year and kept crashing and binging
    with the USDA guidelines and after I incorporated more fat and moderated
    protein, I just felt so much more stable and that’s why I’ve stuck with it
    this entire time. I have added in white rice and potatoes and I really have
    felt much better since adding in the starch, and I still do raw dairy since
    dairy is practically part of my DNA (Irish/English/Dutch)! Grains in
    particular are super hard for me to not eat a lot of and I just feel like I
    can’t stop eating them once I start. And they just make me feel very
    sluggish and gross so for that reason I probably won’t ever rely on them as
    a staple but rather as a fun side-dish as sourdough bread or something. I’m
    not surprised at all that you guys crashed though! It felt to me that you
    guys just got in a Paleo rut and kept eating the same or very
    similar-looking meals over and over, and I generally just eat with the
    seasons and vary my proteins and mix up my fat combinations to keep it
    interesting. Adding enough salt and also seasoning with herbs/garlic is so
    easy and satiating. I can’t wait though to add in like legit corn-based
    foods like tortillas and cornbread, and also plantains fried in lard is
    something I need to do asap! Beans are something I’ll probably add in
    eventually since I do really like them but I’ve yet to really work them in

  10. Mike’s sweet with his empathy. I HAVE to do Paleo for the rest of my life,
    because of my Crohn’s! All grains and legumes are definitely poisonous to
    my body and cause inflammation and leaky gut. True hard-core
    we-have-to-do-this Paleo people (or Auto Immune Protocol/AIP people) do
    lots of baking of cookies and breads and biscuits but with paleo flours –
    coconut, tapioca, nut flour, flax, etc. Still can’t have dairy though,
    although the hubby can! And he loves it! I just can’t watch. hahaha But
    you’re doing so well with your family, momma, just keep it up – keep up the
    organics and staying away from the processed foods. You’re already leagues
    ahead of the game as far as the S.A.D. standard American Diet goes. <3 Much

  11. I was wondering how long does it groceries last and how much do u spend on
    groceries like a trip that we saw in this video? 

  12. I don’t share this experience at all! I love paleo so much and have lost
    almost 50lbs doing it. I’m not a huge meat eater so this has been a bit if
    an adjustment but you do what fits you with anything I don’t eat meat
    everyday some days I tend to eat more veggies so it’s all about finding a
    balance and once you get rid of the sugar, legumes and grains the cravings
    go away. 

  13. Im not a fan of the palio diet my self its so restrictive and that kinda
    can suck the joy out of life! Ive been doing trim healthy mama and its way
    better in my opinion! Ive lost lots of weight, my hair is thicker and shiny
    my nails are super strong and i have an amazing amount of energy! :) its
    all about eating a balanced diet and is wonderful! 

  14. I appreciate your honesty with this experience. It just goes to show you
    can’t really generalize a diet to an entire population. Our bodies each
    function differently. 

  15. Paleo Faileo, in my opinion. If grains are so unhealthy, the Asians,
    Africans, and Indians would not be some of the healthiest people alive

  16. It was with pure enjoyment to see someone who tried the Paleo and decided
    to not be so “strict” after the fact. I have been on the tried and true
    Paleo diet for 15 days now and I am finding myself having horrible mood
    swings, headaches….even depression and I was wondering if this is a
    reaction from the change of my diet (I’m not a junk food junky but..). I
    myself am seeking to incorporate back into my diet the beans and some grain
    (like my favorite steel cut oatmeal that I have at least once a week). Did
    you experience any hormonal imbalances during this diet?

  17. Mamanatural you are such a blessing! I’m a new stay at home Mommy with a 9
    week old and I love watching your videos while at home! I learn so much and
    have such a passion for eating healthy like you! My Dandy Blend came in
    yesterday and I’m obsessed! Sooo thankful I saw your video with it! My LO
    can’t have it because I’m EBF and it bothers his tummy! Also I love that
    your witnessing in your video! God is so good! Thank you again! Keen em’
    coming friend!

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