Mediterranean Diet is Truly Good For your Health

Mediterranean Diet is Truly Good For your Health
The Mediterranean diet plan or the paleo is followed by millions of Americans, but some of them don't know the benefits of the popular diet, and don't even know if it's right for them. The food of our ancient ancestors is where the paleo, or …
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WTF is the pegan diet and does it work?
Protein: Roughly 25 per cent of a pegan diet contains lean animal protein, such as chicken, eggs, fish, and lean beef. As a nod to its paleo heritage, that protein should be grass-fed and free of antibiotics. Fats and grains: Heart-healthy fats like …

Think carefully before returning to Stone Age diet
Stripping out carbohydrates and touting a return to the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, the paleo diet is one of the most widespread nutritional fads of the decade. Its simple logic has sold tens of thousands of books and won over …
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