9 Natural Food Trends: SRG

9 Natural Food Trends: SRG
9 Natural Food Trends: SRG … Turmeric and its active ingredient curcumin have become popular supplements due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Until recently, it was challenging to find tasty products (beyond prepared Indian meals …
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Suffering from info overload? Dietitian sorts things out
My friend is selling X supplement. Is it safe? “While I want your friend to succeed, is he or she a nutrition expert? Would you go to your car mechanic for open heart surgery?” Susie says. “Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, but only dietitians …
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12 most interesting food trends of 2015

12 most interesting food trends of 2015
For 2015, they identified dozens of trending foods, flavors, dining experiences and behaviors in our culinary-obsessed culture. So farewell, shiso leaves and hello, bone broth …. 6 Beloved bivalves: Gulf Coast residents will be happy to see oysters …
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A Fresh Start: Paleo
… it probably isn't real food. Consider this list of ingredients that can be found on a bag of Dorito Chips: Whole Corn, Vegetable Oil (Contains One or More … For those unaware of the term, Paleo refers to a food plan based on the "types of foods …
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What's the Healthiest All-Natural Diet for Your Dog?
The humor columnist Dave Barry once described the dog's dietary philosophy: “If it falls on the ground, eat it. You can always throw it up later.” That dogs are omnivores is no secret. It does seem sometimes as if dogs have no limits on what they'll …
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Winner of Best Diet for 2015 Isn't Really a Diet at All
The new annual “best diets” list is out from U.S. News & World Report, and for the fifth year in a row, the magazine has named the DASH diet the best overall food plan for a healthy lifestyle. … The Paleo diet focuses on meat, fish and vegetables.
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The Top Diet Trends for 2015

The Top Diet Trends for 2015
Every year new food trends take the stage. As a society we are obsessed with the latest news in health and these trends reflect this. In recent years, we've seen diets such as Paleo and Flexitarian become popular, as well as shows like The Biggest …
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Health: Tap into the power of plants, plus how almonds can boost your nails
As if that wasn't enough to do, Jenna wrote her first book, Super Healthy Snacks and Treats (the best chocolate-chip cookies ever), and now her second, Plant-Based Paleo, launches next month. But surely those paleolithic cavemen ate meat they had …
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With M In Funding, Farm Hill Aims To Deliver Delicious Healthy Meals In The
Farm Hill also has options for customers with special dietary restrictions by offering up healthy meat, vegan, and Paleo options. Meals are priced between $ 10 and $ 15 dollars, with healthy snacks also available to customers. The company is already …
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Food fads: Navigate trends, ingredient lists to choose pet best diet

Food fads: Navigate trends, ingredient lists to choose pet best diet
Recently, marketing has become such a factor that even companies making balanced, nutritionally driven foods have had to list a whole meat as the first ingredient. This still has no bearing on the quality of the food, but because consumers have been …
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Lose 10 pounds this month with Joy Bauer's grocery list, meal plan
Looking to lose weight but don't have a lot of time to plan out meals? We've got you covered! As part of this month's #StartTODAY series to help you revamp your life in 2015, I've created a simple 30-item shopping list you can take to the store that …
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Here Are the Only 6 Food Trends You Need to Know for 2015
Interesting reading, often hunger inducing, but with so many predictions — from so many chefs, flavor-makers, food companies, bloggers— it's hard to make sense of it all. So this year, to cut through the tsunami of food punditry, I submit a highly …
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The Foods You Should Never Eat in 2015
On the flip side, there are specific foods we should stay away from in order to achieve maximum good health. Last year cheese fries, hot dogs and microwave popcorn made our list of foods to avoid at all costs. This year, The Fiscal Times asked a few …
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Pinterest reveals 5 food trends to watch for in 2015

Pinterest reveals 5 food trends to watch for in 2015
Nothing is more satisfying than ordering off a secret (or "secret") menu at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop. Take your cup of joe off … Usually when we think of the paleo diet, our minds go to meat and vegetables, not to comforting carbs. But …
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There Was No 'Paleo Diet' – Ancient People Ate What They Had
The Paleolithic diet, eating like our ancient ancestors, is a diet fad that seeks to emulate the diet of early humans during the Stone Age. But what does that mean? Almost anything people want because ancestral diets differed substantially over time …
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Pure Taste: Britain's first paleo restaurant is catering to the caveman
She developed a menu that can be modified to cater not just to coeliacs and paleo advocates, but a host of dietary restrictions. Fifteen, no less – including egg-free, vegetarian, vegan, low FODMAPS, Weston A Price diet, autoimmune paleo, SCD, and …
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Melbourne pizzeria adds paleo pizza to its menu
The paleo diet – which omits the consumption of legumes, grains and dairy – has gained a significant amount of attention over the past few years. Celebrity chef Pete Evans is a passionate advocate of the diet, and Marlies Hobbes, cofounder of the …
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Farm-to-Table and 9 Other Food Trends of 2013—And How Natives Are Ahead

Farm-to-Table and 9 Other Food Trends of 2013—And How Natives Are Ahead
… hand-in-hand with healthy eating. "Traditional cooking is so natural because it comes from the Earth," Dimas adds. …. The theory behind the Paleolithic Diet, short-named the Paleo Diet, is that mimicking the diet of our ancestors some 10,000 …
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Sports Club/LA – Chestnut Hill Chooses Kombu Kitchen as Culinary Partner
In its first business-to-business partnership, Kombu Kitchen has designed an exclusive menu for Sports Club/LA – Chestnut Hill that features low carb, high-protein, Paleo and plant-focused, grab-and-go meals and snacks. Sports Club/LA – Chestnut Hill …
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Clean up your diet in six weeks with Cassie Mendoza-Jones
Naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist Cassie Mendoza-Jones has created six different weekly meal plans – Weight loss, Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Hormone balancing, Paleo and Vegetarian – exclusively for news.com.au readers. … Dinner: Treat meal! Or …
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On the Menu: Summer Diet Trends

On the Menu: Summer Diet Trends
In addition to avoiding wheat and the typical taboo dieting foods such as desserts, snack foods and alcohol, he recommends you avoid heavily processed or genetically engineered foods. This includes … It's fun for kids to experiment with and there are …
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App Detail » Caveman Feast – Paleo recipes
Caveman Feast for iPhone and iPad contains over 200 delicious Paleo recipes that are beautifully illustrated and easy to follow. There's nothing … Inside Caveman Feast you'll find healthy breakfasts, filling main meals, tasty desserts and snacks …
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Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook- a New Product Makes It Easy for You to Go Paleo
You are also given a great many snack and dessert recipes. This step by step guidance has filled a void. Many people that would like to try the diet, don't know where to begin. The Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook will make you an expert and having you …
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