Paleo diet helps Charles Wooley recover from health scare

Paleo diet helps Charles Wooley recover from health scare
They don't use Paleo in their language but that's what I turned to and found out that carbs are a bigger problem than we ever thought.' Now he's embraced a low-carb regieme he says: 'I really miss my pasta, I have to admit.' But the new diet isn't …
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The ridiculous things paleo people eat
Whenever I tuck into a bowl of pasta at my local Italian joint I spare a smug thought for those poor paleo souls slumming it with “zoodles” — noodles created by spiralising zucchinis — or worse, carrots. (For the uninitiated, the paleo diet eschews …

Microbes make the meal, new diet book proposes
But Tom's plan had a twist: Before and after the diet, he gave his dad some poop. Tom's father, Tim, wanted to see how the bacteria in … Superfoods? A marketing con. The Paleo diet? Majorly flawed. And a diet that works for one person won't …
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What the Hell Is Paleo, Really?
A recent report in the Quarterly Journal of Biology argues that, not only were carbohydrates part of our paleolithic diet, they were an essential part, fueling our fast- growing brains. The study went viral, picked up in the New York Times and many …
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