Pinterest reveals 5 food trends to watch for in 2015

Pinterest reveals 5 food trends to watch for in 2015
Nothing is more satisfying than ordering off a secret (or "secret") menu at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop. Take your cup of joe off … Usually when we think of the paleo diet, our minds go to meat and vegetables, not to comforting carbs. But …

There Was No 'Paleo Diet' – Ancient People Ate What They Had
The Paleolithic diet, eating like our ancient ancestors, is a diet fad that seeks to emulate the diet of early humans during the Stone Age. But what does that mean? Almost anything people want because ancestral diets differed substantially over time …
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Pure Taste: Britain's first paleo restaurant is catering to the caveman
She developed a menu that can be modified to cater not just to coeliacs and paleo advocates, but a host of dietary restrictions. Fifteen, no less – including egg-free, vegetarian, vegan, low FODMAPS, Weston A Price diet, autoimmune paleo, SCD, and …
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Melbourne pizzeria adds paleo pizza to its menu
The paleo diet – which omits the consumption of legumes, grains and dairy – has gained a significant amount of attention over the past few years. Celebrity chef Pete Evans is a passionate advocate of the diet, and Marlies Hobbes, cofounder of the …
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