Salma Hayek weight loss tips & beauty secrets: Latina actress honors Mexico's

Salma Hayek weight loss tips & beauty secrets: Latina actress honors Mexico's
… in every meal, especially the bone broth, because it is rich in collagen and is good for her health. Although the actress doesn't really follow the Paleo diet, she believes and tries to incorporate most of its guiding principles in her meals, like …
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New Vegan-Paleo Hybrid: The Pegan Diet
"By combining the principles of these two diets and reducing their specific dietary restrictions, you get a diet that's better balanced in regards to macronutrients, and easier to follow than a strictly paleo or vegan diet," Caroline Cederquist MD …
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Free Adult Learning Programs Begin October 5
All diets looked at will follow the umbrella principles gleaned from the research of Dr. Weston A. Price and will include paleo, gluten-free, Whole30 and various other dietary choices. We will examine what constitutes healthy fats, the importance of …
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Salma Hayek Is 49 And Fierce: Beauty Secrets Are Paleo Bone Broth, High-Fat
“It is everything.” salma hayek antiaging beauty makeup While Salma Hayek doesn't follow a Paleo diet per se, she embraces many of its principles, including its emphasis on organic, unprocessed foods and healthy fats. “I think people are afraid of fat …
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Grain-Free & Dairy-Free Diet Swaps

Grain-Free & Dairy-Free Diet Swaps
New York Times bestselling author Danielle Walker suffered from an autoimmune disease and claims she eliminated her ailments through diet changes. Danielle visits Access Hollywood Live to share recipes for family friendly grain- and dairy-free meals.
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Gluten-free diet: Is it right for you?
The gluten-free push is growing as more restaurants serve healthier options and grocery stores carry items free of the protein found in wheat products. Studies show more people choose gluten-free foods because those products are presumed to be healthier.
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