Study: Fad Diets Work (But Not Why You Think)

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Study: Fad Diets Work (But Not Why You Think)
What's the best diet to follow to get healthy—should you go Paleo, low glycemic, low-carb, Mediterranean, or low-fat? For a paper released last month in the Annual Review of Public Health, Yale medical researchers David Katz and Samuel Meller surveyed …
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Paleo diet follower Megan Fox flaunts weight loss: Her low carb diet and workout
Megan Fox is back at work on the set of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie just seven weeks after giving birth to her second son, Us reported April 2. Judging by her slim physique, Fox has shed almost all her baby weight in record time, just like …

Chew on this: Paleo diet isn't perfect
There's a new fad in dieting commonly referred to as the “paleo diet.” The name is short for the “paleolithic diet” and is inspired by caveman — more accurately referred to as Neanderthal — diets. The diet stipulates the participant eat foods that …
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Paleo diet best for weight loss in study, but some feel it is too restrictive
What's the newest research on what really works for weight loss? Turn back the clock to travel through time and eat what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate, reported the UK Express on April 7. But although the latest study shows that the low-carb Paleo …


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