Rypins embraces CrossFit training

The Paleo Recipe Book

Rypins embraces CrossFit training
I want to eat Thai food in Thailand. I want to be healthy, strong and injury-free so I can compete and be active until the day I die. I want to see the Northern Lights, and sip a beer with the monks in Belgium on one of my Paleo diet cheat days. 9. Who …
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An Army Doc: The Paleo Diet and CrossFit Reversed My Pre-Diabetes
I joined the Army during medical school with the intention of staying in the service for only a few years, but the Army has provided so many opportunities that it's now been more than 16 years since I signed on the dotted line. I am a family physician …
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Ex-competitive bodybuilder in Redlands now preparing, delivering meals
Most people associated with CrossFit eat a paleo diet that focuses heavily on meats, nuts, grains and very little complex carbohydrates. However, MacDonald's food plan is different. “My plans are really livable where you can see good results in a …
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