Researchers poke holes in modern 'paleo' diet

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Researchers poke holes in modern 'paleo' diet
However, new research has questioned the accuracy of the modern 'paleo' diet – suggesting that following the actual Palaeolithic diet would give modern calorie-counters great freedom, because those ancestral diets likely differed substantially over …

Gwyneth Paltrow And Shailene Woodley Talk Ayurvedic Detox, Paleo Diet, And
It might not seem that cool, calm Gwyneth Paltrow and energetic Shailene Woodley have much in common. But the two actresses rely on similar diet practices for weight loss and health, from following Paleo principles to borrowing from the Ayurvedic way …
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Point to the Paleos: Settling Down on the Farm Made Our Bones Weak
Science has not been kind to the Paleo diet. Anthropologists have found that the food eaten by our Paleolithic ancestors included much more variety than present-day adherents of the high-protein, high-fat regimen would have you believe. On the health …
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