Raw Paleo Diet: Eating Raw Oysters and Raw Salmon

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Eating Raw Oysters and Raw Salmon interesting food links http://www.rawpaleodietforum.com http://www.rawpaleodiet.com My diet blog http://sullypaleo.blogspot.com/ www.wildfoods.weebly.com.


14 thoughts on “Raw Paleo Diet: Eating Raw Oysters and Raw Salmon

  1. Does it make it seem more “paleo” to you if you eat it on the ground, with
    your hands, without a shirt on and gnawing on it? You know you can eat
    paleo from a plate with a real knife and fork. Salt and lemon juice aren’t
    forbidden either. Paleolithic refers to the replicating diet not your
    mentality, you ape.

  2. I eat raw salmon too, and I also eat the skin. I love eggs with raw yolks
    too. But the oysters… I think I will do fine without them…

  3. @seanman22001 Humans used to sit in the floor long before chairs. In some
    cultures some still do. I have family in Jordan, they all sit on the floor
    and eat on the floor. Chairs give many people back problems (we are not
    meant for chairs). Caveman shirtless? I wear shirts when its cold, and go
    shirtless when I am not cold. Simple as that.

  4. Funny. I ate this too raw for brakfast today! I searched for diffrent foods
    and nutrition and found that raw salmon, oysters and some green juice will
    cover allmost 100 % of all the nutrience, omega 3 and vitamins you need! :D

  5. Im just started eating raw salmon, are you careful about what you eat after
    consuming raw? Alaskan tip-use a fillet knife, make sure it is deadly sharp
    and one slice should cut through the meat clean and it preserves more

  6. My family laughed when I told them I would burn calories with Legion Fat
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  7. Fuck yeah. This is what I’m talking about. Going back to our roots. We
    might be in a computer age, but THIS is health benefits. Your hands
    touching the food releases a chemical letting your body know fresh GOOD
    food is on it’s way. I’ve been studying in biology for over 4 years. I am
    seriously proud of this man LOL

  8. @defqqq Was also mentioning that animals that eat mostly meat in the wild
    tend to eat fast because Meat can be broken down well in big chunks, unlike
    veggie foods that are much more effectively digested by breaking down into
    small particles(because of the cellulose/fiber). Because meat with its
    protein cell wall is far more easy to break down enzymatically compared to
    veggies. Thus the much longer transit time in herbivores and shorter
    transit in Carnivores. Humans being in between the two.

  9. But yeah, people prefer to sit and eat on the floor in Jordan. and many
    other countries too. They even have the toilets on the floor.

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