Raw Diet vs Paleo: Considerations for Going Natural

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Raw Diet vs Paleo: Considerations for Going Natural
Many people have switched to either the raw or paleo diet, and both of these options are also becoming increasingly popular alternatives for dogs. The reality is that dogs are omnivorous, which means that they do not have to rely on meat-infused …
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Sam Smith Paleo weight loss, sunburn revealed: Sam's low-carb Paleo diet tips
Amelia said her eating principles most closely resemble the low-carb Paleo diet, an alcohol-free diet that emphasizes healthy fats, high-quality animal proteins, non-starchy vegetables, and excludes gluten, sugar, dairy, legumes, and processed foods.
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Paleo Cookie Pizza
What happens when the most two perfect creations ever to happen to the ENTIRE food world come together to create one X-T-R-E-M-E bite of deliciousness? The cookie pizza. AKA: My taste buds just died and went to food heaven because every single bite …
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Paleo backlash: Instagram's new food trend @girlswithgluten
It was the backlash that had to happen. With all the hype around super-healthy diets right now, from gluten-free to paleo and everything in between, and with every girl who's worth her weight in Louboutins diving deep in the green smoothie/chia …
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