PrimalBurn Exercise – Paleo Burn System

The Paleo Recipe Book

The #1 Worst Food For Weight Gain Revealed. “Click ” Paleo Burn System – PrimalBurn Exercise Obesity is a condition that is the re…
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3 Roommates, 1 cook, 1 coach and 1 camera guy, take on the paleo challenge, documenting before and after results along with the process and amazing paleo rec…


14 thoughts on “PrimalBurn Exercise – Paleo Burn System

  1. Ah yes, it comes out; paleoburn primalburn is just another diet and
    exercise plan. Save your money and go to the local library and read up on
    the Atkins plans. Free, and you don’t have to exercise. 

  2. 1:20 Are these push-ups or not? I am just wondering whether you didn’t
    watch the whole video or that you would call the push-ups they were doing
    incomplete push ups.

  3. Have you experienced “Lean Body Stagger”? (check it out on google) It is a
    quick and easy way for you to burn off fat fast.

  4. Yo yo… Outstanding vid. My bro was once flabby. He remodeled his body
    from 293lbs of pure fat to 217 lbs of natural muscle mass. I could not
    believe it! I just subscribed personally coz I need to greatly improve my
    entire body. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  5. Hi. What the Trainer performs I would call incomplete pushups. A complete
    pushup is full-motion, chest to the floor, no pause, return to starting
    position. What the other guy is doing i would call silly and
    painful-looking :-)

  6. @Xoiboi Another tip: don’t overcook your food. Cook most your food under
    118 degrees C, which means mostly boiling, steaming and braising.

  7. ello ello this is the camera guy/editor thanks for the love guys, working
    on it, we are getting there, currently filming the garden and its beautiful
    strwbarry’s yummmm

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