Philip Wark Gets Put On The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Recipe Book

Philip will miss some of his favourite unhealthy foods – but “if cavemen did it, so can I’. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: Follow us…
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21 thoughts on “Philip Wark Gets Put On The Paleo Diet

  1. The paleo / primal diets are nothing more than a modified Atkins diet. Why
    doesn’t Nora post her blood tests so everyone can see her cholesterol
    levels from eating all that animal flesh. Animals are clearly not for human
    consumption. I suppose she wants us to just ignore the few billion people
    in the far east and Asia that have had centuries of good health eating a
    high carbohydrate diet based upon grains?? Does she also discount the work
    of Dr Neal Barard, Dr John McDougall and Dr Michael Greger? It’s this kind
    of thinking that is contributing to the problem of over consuming the
    planet and disease in the human body. Plant based diets are the answer to
    minimize disease and save the planet. Fruit is king, starches and grains
    are queen. If you don’t believe it, get your blood work done. The answer is

  2. I ate 6 raw eggs blend with a cup of raw goats milk for breakfast, for
    lunch I had a salad with 2 soft boiled eggs, and I just had some Polish
    head cheese, a few slices of fermented/smoked pork sausage from a local
    Polish deli with some pickles and some sauerkraut for dinner. This diet
    works wonders along with organically derived supplements, I’m down 85
    pounds in the last 2 years, I’m stronger and I have way more energy. Also
    the young guys are hitting on my wife again, she looks fantastic and has
    started to convert her mom friends.

    Now if somebody could come up with some type of brewed meat juice to
    replace beer, it would be perfect and maybe I’d loose that last 20 pounds :) 

  3. Hello There! Nice video thanks! Sorry to intrude but I’d like to know if
    you heard rumors about “Brendt Secret Diet Recipe System” (check google) My
    co-worker told me incredible things about it and now her and her husband
    look fantastic and feel great!

  4. What this woman is saying eating meat is good for white people because
    whites are mixed with great apes so they’re hybrids so their biology is
    completely different to original people. Eating meat will add years on
    white peoples life but for the primordial black race it will take years
    off, MAN wasn’t created to eat flesh. The more natural the body the more
    natural food it needs like fruit and vege, herbs ect, the less organic the
    body your better of eating flesh, milk, cheese, alcahol etc

  5. APPLE is all *for* individual rights, open opinions, free speech and
    critical thinking … *WITHIN LIMITS!*

    You *must* follow the New World Order ‘collective’ plutocratic party line –
    agree with the warped perceptions of the power grabbing psychotic self
    anointed criminal “aristocracy” *OR*…. you are off to the dungeon.

  6. Cholesterol the Killer?

    Paleo diet has been around alot longer than your grain based diet. Most of
    your grains have been Genetically modified btw.
    + Paleo’s eat plants too. Do you work for the statin drug industry? Your
    body needs cholesterol!

  7. For anyone genuinely interested, I would strongly recommend checking out
    the channel “Plant Positive” for a different take on this diet and it’s
    proponents. It contains a staggering amount of well researched and
    documented information regarding this topic, and it’s quite thoroughly

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