Pete 'Paleo' Evans' co-authors defend chef's baby recipes

The Paleo Recipe Book

Pete 'Paleo' Evans' co-authors defend chef's baby recipes
Blogger and co-author, Charlotte Carr has also received negative headlines after it was revealed that she has been doing voice-overs for fast-food chains KFC, Coca-Cola and Cadbury's whilst promoting a paleo lifestyle. In March, chef Pete Evans …
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Worried about eating a bacon burger? That's orthorexia–Misplaced obsessions
These are paleo-philes. Dine out with a crossfitter and “reach for a piece of bread and they'll look at you like you have three eyes,” noted Forbes. One of the staple food items for these individuals performing at some of the highest levels of human …
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A new cookbook seeks to make the world's most restrictive diet palatable
Paleo programs, including paleo godfather Loren Cordain's Paleo Diet for Athletes, allow adherents to eat non-paleo foods for 15 to 20 percent of their diet to prevent burnout and reduce feelings of deprivation. While carnivorous paleo dieters might …
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