PCOS Study – ADA & Paleo Diets

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27 thoughts on “PCOS Study – ADA & Paleo Diets

  1. Hi Merry and Dolly. The goal is to do the actual science with two diets,
    the American Diabetic Association recommended diet compared against one
    version of the Paleolithic Diet. – Dr Frassetto’s version based on Loren
    Cordain’s ideas. Maybe cod liver oil and cutting out sugar is enough for
    some women to self treat PCOS, maybe not. No one does. Don’t know what
    pro-biotics are, but they are probably outside the range of this study.
    Again, I encourage you both to tell your friends and supporters about this
    study, and like voting, donate early and often.

  2. this brings me to tears, PCOS ruined my life. Ladies I did not do a paleo
    diet, but used cod liver oil and cut out sugar out of my diet. Problem
    solved. I also used pro-biotics because I had candida that would not go

  3. How amazing that UCSF is going to take a close look at the BENEFITS OF THE
    PALEO DIETARY versus the American Diabetes Association’s terrible diet
    standards! I have been diabetic for 11 years and only through the
    paleo/primal/ancestral way of eating did I get my blood glucose down and
    get off every med but my Metformin ER. Very happy that UCSF is doing this!
    More people will benefit from the paleo-type lifestyle, even if they don’t
    have diabetes!!

  4. Our ancestors would only have eaten one meal per day and occasionally
    twice, they certainly did not eat 3 or 4 meals per day of meat, veg and a
    little fruit !!! they would have had days when they were hungry, so this
    Paleo advice is actually misleading to some degree as our ancestors would
    not have known when the next meal was going to be and so would never have
    had Breakfast / Dinner and a further evening meal,

  5. It’s great that a high carb low fat vegan diet works for some people but I
    know, for a fact, that LCHF works for me. I have done it for over a year,
    have stayed lean with a great deal of muscle for the entire duration. I
    also have a great complete lipid panel. There is a lot of science in
    support of this.

  6. Lol, the cognitive dissonance in the audience as they scramble to explain
    away the apparent superiority of the Atkins diet, if not for the weight
    loss, for the blood lipids and other metrics.

  7. I have a friend who is on paleo. In just few months she loosed so much
    weight. She was also struggling with candida for years, and she does not
    have it anymore. 

  8. I wish that lady in the audience would be quiet. This is a presentation not
    a conversation. Quit talking while he is presenting. 

  9. I disagree with the comment about how doing extremely low carb is
    difficult. When I do 20 grams and below, I’m NEVER hungry. I’m a keto girl!

  10. Balanced diet is most important consisting of fresh fruits/veggies and oily
    fish and occasional animal meat.

  11. Don’t move to Colorado, we are full. Plus the air is too thin, you will die
    of pulmonary edema unless you were born here.

  12. good talk, enjoyed it. I do paleo myself, works great with me. feel good,
    easy to maintain my proper weight (I can wear a belt I bought in 1970),
    excellent energy, etc. no health problems (knock on wood).

  13. I saw a great paleo recipe that required chopped beef. I didn’t want to buy
    beef from the grocery store so I went to the local cattle ranch and picked
    a nice plump cow to get my meat. The ranch owner was very nice and he said
    he will help me. So he took out his revolver and shot the cow in the
    forehead. The cow didn’t die so he plunged a knife in the cows throat
    spilling the blood all over the grass. I was like f*** this go vegan. Save
    the animals, save the planet, save your health.

  14. To people who want to burn fat–but can’t get started. Copy and paste into
    Google Fat Blast Furnace right away.

  15. how about if i was to say,only eat natural foods no processed foods or
    then all these diets are the same
    Atkins,palio,vegan,south beach,bodybuilder.whatever,they boil down to this
    just eat natural foods and not too much simple as that,
    and exercise? just move around do anything it don’t mater,

  16. Ancient nomads had to survive on whatever food they could find and also
    died at about 30 years old, this is the diet I want!

  17. From my perspective Ornish is still a high fat diet. I have learnt that
    5-10% each of fats and protein is the ideal range for humans.

    I have been doing super high carb (90/5/5) for a year now. All whole and
    high quality fruits, vegetables and starches, nuts and seeds. 3000-5000kcal
    per day. I find it easy to follow that diet – and that means something
    because I was known as the BBQ guy :-)

    Weight is down from 103kg to around 70kg and stable, health and fitness are
    perfect. Super fast recovery (like 1-2 hours to recover from a 38k training
    run), no more health problems. Extreme energy. I am getting faster, PRs all
    the time. In two weeks I will be running a 50k ultra.

    At the same time I went high carb, a guy I know went paleo. Before that,
    last september, we ran a half marathon. He (about 80kg) was about 10 min
    faster than me (about 103 kg). Now he does not run any more. Caught a cold
    recently, too. I am now 25-30 minutes faster than I was in September and
    have not had any health problem since then.
    Apart from a stress fracture in December due to bad posture. Cured it in 3
    weeks with Vitamin D and K2 + lots of leafy green vegetables.

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