Paleo vs. Vegan Diet

The Paleo Recipe Book In today’s video, I’m going to settle the debate of the vegan vs paleo diet. I’m going to cover the pros and cons of both diets and some of these answers might surprise…


22 thoughts on “Paleo vs. Vegan Diet

  1. I had the assumption before watching this video that it would be biased and
    leaning more towards the paleo diet just because that seems to be what
    everyone is obsessing over these days, but I was pleasantly surprised to
    see that it isn’t biased at all. I do disagree with some of the points you
    make, however. I am a vegan, actually 80% raw vegan, following a high carb,
    low fat diet, and I have perfect blood results. I am not deficient in any
    vitamins or protein or iron or even B12. (I would also like to mention that
    I don’t supplement with anything, I don’t take any vitamins or B12
    supplements. Just fruit, veggies, grains…) I understand that most people
    assume that because vegans aren’t eating animal products, they are
    automatically malnourished in some way. I know many vegans who have perfect
    blood results as well, and have been on a vegan lifestyle for more than
    half of their life! Of course, many people approach the vegan diet with
    little education and therefore do not know which foods to eat to get the
    right vitamins and minerals and therefore become defeicient, but vegans can
    get just as much protein, calcium, vitamins…you name it, as meat eaters
    can, and from healthier sources, too! Thanks!

  2. Truth is, you can be deficient on ANY diet. Veganism isn’t just another fad
    diet like paleo. It’s knowing that every time you sit down for a meal an
    animal didn’t have to die to feed you.

  3. Fact meat eaters are also widely deficient in b12

    Fact eating meat even in small quantities greatly increases risk of
    arterial circulatory heart stomach and prostate disease and cancer

    Fact you can be sure that you will not be deficient in amino acids with a
    vegan diet anyone who says contrary never has tried it and got blood tests

  4. the only things we could be deficient is B12.. not B vitamins.. look up the
    quantity of B vitamins seeds, nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables have..
    and make another video correcting yourself doc.
    Vitamin D is an issue with everybody, most of Vitamin D deficient are
    people eating the standard diet you personally follow. so the other
    ‘problems’ you named like ‘zinc’ or even ‘iron’ is a matter of implementing
    this plant foods into our diets… but of course, you and the rest of
    people are gonna follow commodities and ‘traditional tasty foods” (fats,
    salts, sugars) … keep on the research and find a Zinc Deficient Vegan in
    a hospital. LOL #GoVegan #StopTheExcuses #PaleoDietDoesntExist 

  5. Wrong about veganism. Sure the junk food vegans are bound to loose out on
    nutrients and vitamins. But paleo wise cooking kills B12 so where do they
    get their B12?

    B12 is from bacteria that we have in us. Or don’t wash off your greens in
    your garden. But if your so worried B12 shots, or nutritional yeast.

    Have you seen the guy who invented up paleo? He’s overweight.

    Their is no good long term study done in paleo, first we are cousins of
    Cavemen not descent from them. Where many vegans are living today in the
    prime of their lives.


  6. Actually, the Paleo diet, despite it’s name is modelled off of market
    interest. Mainly grafted from the Atkins diet, this weed is a FAD diet that
    really should be ripped out from the roots and burnt at the stake. There
    are no benefits to it whatsoever in fact even after extensive exercise
    endured through the dangerous and rather injury prone practice called
    crossfit, peoples cholesterol level still goes up and the risk for heart
    disease increases. The Paleo diet shuns some foods that are not good for
    you however then goes on to promote other foods that should not go into
    your mouth. Foods that are our main killers.

    This guy clearly has no clue about what true health is. Health is more than
    being thin and being able to put on a few muscles. True health is true long
    term disease prevention. This guy, it he were to be doing crossfit and
    eating the paleo diet would be injury ridden and fat with heart troubles by
    the age of 50.

    He clearly has no clue. You get less minerals, less good fats, poor quality
    cancer promoting protein and an overload of disease promoting fats. Paleo
    diets promote auto immune disease due to the high consumption od animal

    Clearly has no clue what he’s banging on about.

    Then lied through his teeth about vegan diets. There is no nutritional
    requirement for animal products. B12 is not an issue and all of the
    macronutrient, micronutrient and phytochemical components including fibre
    are there in abundance. The amino acid myth is laughable. Where did he get
    his degree? at the bottom of a cerial box? He didn’t even realise that you
    get vitamin D from the fucking sun!

    Dr. Josh Axe is clueless.

  7. You have seen research from ancient texts?
    First of all the period you re referring to started 2,5 million years ago,
    not “thousands upon thousands”. Second, humans did not exist at the time.
    This was a period of different species of Australopithecus and later some
    species of Homo. Homo sapiens sapiens appeared less than half a million
    years ago and the paleolithic period ends some 10 thousand years ago. So
    the diet is based on what you GUESS these hominids were eating in a
    prehistoric savanna, central Europe, Indonesia, China and Java over a
    period of a few MILLION years? Nice. Those must have been very different
    diets, considering the time span, diversity of regions hominids were living
    in and regional climates. it is also very unlikely that many of the
    populations could have had meat as main food, since hunter communities
    could have gone days without catching anything. Pale diet is based on zero
    scientific knowledge and a lot of marketing. No surprise its popular in

  8. I am 100% vegan, my blood tests results were perfect. I don´t supplement
    B12, however there´s lots of people that are deficient, independently of
    being veggie or not. We do not need to take any protein powders, we can get
    all the protein we need from veggies and fruit, or seeds and nuts. It is
    sustainable long term, a paleo diet isn´t, not just about human health, but
    the planet. For me its very simple, why would you have a diet that cannot
    heal you from many diseases? Its just obvious, its not optimal. 

  9. I agree with 80 percent of the video and disagree with around 20 percent of
    what you said. First of all, studies have demonstrated that
    vegetarian/vegan live on average to 89 while meat eater live an average
    life of 79. Basically, those who follows a plantbase diet have an average
    of 10 years longer life time, that is huge, so there’s no way to say paleo
    is just as good as vegan. Yes, vegan do lacks vitamin b, vitamin d, and
    zinc. I disagree about the protein though. Beans have all essential 9
    amino acid and you can easily consume enough protein from plantbase
    diet(remember, a gorilla is pretty much a vegan and have 5x more muscles
    than most human).

  10. These meat-eaters love to give their opinion about something they no
    nothing about. Hey Dr Axe? I’m vegan, no deficiencies, no toxins and I have
    more muscles than you and I’M A FEMALE VEGAN. Why is that? Please don’t use
    the “You have great genetics excuse.” 

  11. I can’t believe he would even suggest consuming dairy. What is the
    necessity of any human to consume the milk of another species? We only need
    milk as babies–when our own mothers produce it. And for Dr. Axe to
    reference the Weston A Price foundation blows his credibility.

  12. meat eaters suffer just as much from vitanim b12 deficiency. Ì`ts not a
    vegan thing. It`s actually more of a meat eater thing, because a lot of
    vegans supplement vitamin b12.

    The thing about b12 is that it`s a bacteria found in the soil (and grass
    etc.), but it`s ALSO PRODUCED IN OUR INTESTINES. you should check if you`re
    deficient, vegan ot non-vegan

  13. I’m a vegetarian distance runner. All protein from plants is complete, I
    get enough iron, you can get lots of omega 3 fats from plants, and it’s not
    hard to get enough b12. So I’m gonna keep putting in miles without meat
    along with many other vegetarian and vegan runners without problems.

  14. Oops. 3:30 “You can not get Vitamin B12″
    False. This is a red herring argument. B12 is easily obtained and absorbed
    just the same in pill form IF one washes food and it is needed. “we do
    absorb vitamin B12 through our intestines”Human Anatomy and Physiology
    “B vitamins also are synthesized by hindgut bacteria, but the extent to
    which they are absorbed from the hindgut is unclear. Wrong et al. there was
    good evidence that nicotinic acid, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamin,
    biotin, pyridoxine, folic acid, and vitamin B12 are synthesized by microbes
    in the human colon, and all but the first three were absorbed to some
    degree. Physiol.Rev.78:393,1998
    “Difficult to get the proper amount of amino acids”
    False. There is no shortage of protein. This is the protein myth.
    “and certain other nutrients like Vitamin D”
    “Vitamin D is a hormone synthesized from adequate sunlight exposure. Again,
    this is not a vegan issue. Is this guy supposed to be a Dr? This appears to
    be yet another effort to switch the topic away from the relative safety of
    vegan diets compared to totally unnecessary and unhealthy flesh intake.

  15. seems like zinc is found in veggies and oat meal. vegans eat a lot of those
    things, but you can always supplement

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