Paleo Snacks

The Paleo Recipe Book

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Some snacking tips . . . I realize “green beans” are not Paleo :) Thank you for watching. Crafting the best me . . . Discussing topics such as, nutrition, bo…
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4 thoughts on “Paleo Snacks

  1. I love green beans. I am doing a combo of Paleo, South Beach, and Atkins. I
    have lost 14 pounds. I agree the big thing that works is having snacks
    every couple hours and having them on hand, so temptation and hunger itself
    don’t derail a healthier lifestyle. You have made great progress! I hear
    that slow weight loss lasts the longest. Any tips for my major need for
    immediate gratification? I want to see bigger results faster. I have been
    working on this about two months.

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