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Follow me on instgram and twitter: MissLx150 Hello Everyone! Here is a quick video on how I made my simple paleo pancakes! If your bananas are ripe enough yo…
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Waiting for you @ The Paleolithic diet is also known as the “paleo diet”, “paleodiet”, “caveman diet”, “Stone Age diet”,…
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  1. Watch my video then you’ll got a free best paleo cookbook. All paleo
    cooking recipes you can cook at home.. PAINLESS

  2. wheat gave me the shits for thirty years, its wonder I didn’t kill myself,
    corn gave me reactive arthritis. that’s not the worst of it. I ate low fat
    and it almost killed me.

  3. Crazy Pancakes, Also Try these
    6 eggs
    1/2 cup Cottage cheese
    1/2 cup Raw oat Meal
    3/4-1 banana
    Cinnamon & Nutmeg & Little Vanilla

    Blend in Blender

    Blue berries 8-14 on first side when first put batter in.


  4. Just made these and they are really really tasty. The only difference is
    mine looked like scrammed eggs. They are so hard to flip without them
    falling apart.

  5. Guys, calm down. Why all the fuss over a few bananas? Good grief. Paleo
    is low-carb, but it’s as much about nutrition, too. Bananas are higher GI,
    but the health benefits are worth it. I’d like to add a can of pumpkin to
    this receipe to really take it to the next level. Top it with organic
    maple syrup and it’s a party.

  6. Haha, I actually eat quite the same except the almond butter almost every
    day for breakfast. But I always do just one pancake in the pan… but the
    flipping seems easier in your videos. I will try to do more and smaller
    pancakes and see if it works for me.

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