Paleo Granola Bars/Paleo Cereal

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Paleo Granola Bars/Paleo Cereal

Adapted from a recipe from Cafe Janae (Check her stuff out, she’s awesome!) Paleo Granola Bar Recipe Melt… (if just doing cereal just use the dry ingred. s…
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5 thoughts on “Paleo Granola Bars/Paleo Cereal

  1. You are totally awesome! 77 pounds in one year! Wow! Today marks my 7th day
    on Paleo. Trying to stay strict as possible. Absolutely no dairy, sugar,
    wheat, peanuts, beans, etc. Have subscribed and will keep coming back for
    the recipes and your progress. Aloha’z

  2. It’s about time to see you again and congratulations to your success.What
    fun it is to watch you acting like a teenager while listening to your
    husbands try to contact you. I hope you guys had a good time.Sorry, but I
    don’t understand what you are doing to these pumpkin seeds before you add
    them to the recipe. My family and I love to make your brownies, do you have
    an advice what to do, when the date get a little harder? Can I soak them in
    water before? Auf Wiedersehen – see you soon, I hope.

  3. @Sywi12 Absolutely! Just soak them. And I soak all my Raw nuts and seeds
    then dehydrate them. I learned that from the Raw food world. It makes them
    more digestable and you absorb more nutrients. I have another amazing
    brownie from Elanas Pantry that uses almond butter. I’ll do it soon! You
    are gonna love it!!! ps if you have facebook, come join us for support and
    lots of info and tips. Look for Whole Foodies

  4. @KINGJOHN808 Yeah!!!! You are going to love it! The food is amazing once
    you get the hang of it! I have a great group of people on facebook. We
    encourage and support eachother and share all kinds of great sites and
    information. If you have facebook come join us! We are under Whole Foodies,
    its the icon of little squares filled with fruits and veges…If you need
    more help let me know.

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