Paleo Food Friday #17

The Paleo Recipe Book

Paleo Food Friday #17
I skip a few weeks here and there) post to show examples of what the primal/paleo diet looks like in real life. I by no means follow "the rules" to a T, … look pretty it's still absolutely delicious. I had leftovers for many breakfasts and lunches …
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Health food: Breakfast salad
Salad, for breakfast. Who would have thought that civilised man, and woman, would be seen hoeing into greens, grains, nuts and seeds before downing their morning coffee? The breakfast salad snuck onto the radar in gym-adjacent, paleo-friendly cafes …
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Paleo Food Friday #16
It's Friday! I haven't written a Paleo Food Friday post in some time because Fridays can be so hectic! This week's post includes a ton of veggies. Over the weekend, Ryan and I went to Atlanta to do some house and neighborhood hunting, and it's safe to …
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