Paleo diet helps Charles Wooley recover from health scare

The Paleo Recipe Book

Paleo diet helps Charles Wooley recover from health scare
They don't use Paleo in their language but that's what I turned to and found out that carbs are a bigger problem than we ever thought.' Now he's embraced a low-carb regieme he says: 'I really miss my pasta, I have to admit.' But the new diet isn't …
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The ridiculous things paleo people eat
Whenever I tuck into a bowl of pasta at my local Italian joint I spare a smug thought for those poor paleo souls slumming it with “zoodles” — noodles created by spiralising zucchinis — or worse, carrots. (For the uninitiated, the paleo diet eschews …

Microbes make the meal, new diet book proposes
But Tom's plan had a twist: Before and after the diet, he gave his dad some poop. Tom's father, Tim, wanted to see how the bacteria in … Superfoods? A marketing con. The Paleo diet? Majorly flawed. And a diet that works for one person won't …
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What the Hell Is Paleo, Really?
A recent report in the Quarterly Journal of Biology argues that, not only were carbohydrates part of our paleolithic diet, they were an essential part, fueling our fast- growing brains. The study went viral, picked up in the New York Times and many …
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