Paleo Diet For Athletes & Triathletes. Is it actually possible?

The Paleo Recipe Book

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Terry Shanahan from answers one of the most common Paleo questions. Most people think that athletes need more carbs and Paleo won’t work for them. Watch this video…
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18 thoughts on “Paleo Diet For Athletes & Triathletes. Is it actually possible?

  1. This guy is extremely biased and bases nothing on science. I don’t like
    like him. There are far more elite athletes who eat a protein based diet
    then do a plant-based diet.

  2. Hey! Awesome vid clip .. have you considered – Ajanite Metabolism (google
    it)? saw some pretty good things with it btw my friend had great results
    with it.

  3. Um, this doesnt sound like a bad idea, but I still prefer Nabudyle African
    Vitality (google it and see for yourself!) 

  4. i was a week at no carbs at all srsly before I ran 21min at 5k after I was
    running aother 20k extreeeeeeeeeemly slow like 7min/km to train the fat
    metabolism. but I knew i would’ve been faster with carbs for sure lol

  5. Hi Harley. Can you please comment on Professor Tim Noakes’ paleo diet?
    Thousands of people here in South Africa have accepted his research as
    truth and it is driving me crazy! ! As a high carb vegan I have tripled my
    fitness levels within a few months, no longer have any digestion issues and
    my skin, hair and nails are so much healthier. High carb for the win. 

  6. Hello! Awesome video .. have you heard the talk about – Ajanite metabolism
    (should be on google have a look)? ive got some great things re it and also
    my GF is getting cool improvements with it.

  7. Hi. I am vegan and in the best shape of my life (via diet and exercise) but
    have insulin resistance (due to Polycystic ovary syndrome). I exercise like
    a maniac and eat clean but carry lots of fat in my mid-section (big sign of
    insulin resistance and PCOS). Do you recommend carb cycling (just two days
    of low carb, four days high, and one cheat day) for maintaining athletic
    performance and a little weight loss? I will never be anything other than
    vegan (because of my beliefs) but I would really like to get rid of all of
    this belly fat… Any help is appreciated.

  8. Jesus christ, YOU CAN EAT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES on paleo ( your a fucking
    dick for telling people paleo doesnt allow that) , i dont practice any way
    of eating but if i decided to venture into the practice of educating
    someone ID FUCKING READ FOR FUCKS SAKE , on paleo you can eat fruit and
    veggies just no grains ( or junk food) jesus son

  9. you FUCKING liar harley! i lift the same fucking weights i do without carbs
    as i do with. i actually can lift those same weights for more reps WITHOUT
    the carbs while being in ketosis. i do it all the time and my cardio is
    exactly the same. you are such a goddamm liar to spread your agenda dude.
    start telling the fucking truth you piece of shit.

  10. People are amazed/think I’m trolling when I tell them I eat 400+ grams of
    carbs a day. If you read actual sport nutrition guidelines from the IOC and
    various colleges they recommend 5-9g carbs per kilo, not this T-Nation or
    paleo 50g crap. I’m not vegan, don’t eat 80/10/10 etc but I had a horrible
    experience eating paleo/low carb and people are being very mislead by this
    current diet trend and it’s ruining people’s performance and physique. Low
    fat, high carb, moderate protein. Way to go, imo.

  11. Harley, I remember you talking about a female Triathlet who won …like 2-
    or maybe even 3 years ago….I can’t remember what her name was, can you
    tell me PLEASE!

  12. Hi, I’m only 12 but despite my friends thinking its weird I want to be
    healthy. My family has been eating Paleo and exercising for about two years
    now. But I often get cravings for chocolate bars and other sweets. What can
    I do to weaken the cravings?

  13. Hey Zach, what are your specific goals? You likely need to increase your
    fat intake. You also likely need to position your carbs around your
    workouts properly. I would need to know more about exactly what you are
    eating and what your goals are.

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