Paleo Diet Before and After Pictures: My Weightloss Transformation

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Paleo Diet Before and After Pictures: My Weightloss Transformation

Picture of me when I was 2months into the Paleo/Primal diet vs 5months into the paleo diet. The diet that works! There is a lot of weight loss on my hips and…


18 thoughts on “Paleo Diet Before and After Pictures: My Weightloss Transformation

  1. I want to go back on paleo but I’m trying to gain weight. If anyone has
    suggestions please let me know. I have been eating carbs pasta, milk and
    sweets to gain weight. It works but feels so unhealthy.

  2. +SexyPaleoFood So… You didn’t stop eating cheese? I’m seeing that Keto
    is all about cheese while Paleo says no cheese or dairy (but some Paleo
    people say cheese is ok).

  3. eating right will get you in shape automatically. for humans its plants and
    fruit, not meat. even if you loose a bit of weight doing paleo, it doesn’t
    mean its good for your body, organs, skin and so forth since meat, dairy
    and so forth are acidic and bad for your body.

  4. you are a huge inspiration! i am going to start paleo tomorrow, thank you
    for this video it really is inspiring me to improve myself. your before and
    after photos are amazing!! congratulations. any tips on sticking to paleo
    and sticking to self control??

  5. you were hungry after your rice bubbles because they are processed! THEY
    ARE NOT REAL FOOD. how many calories were you eating everyday while you
    underwent this weight loss transformation? carbs are not the problem, at
    least when you eat REAL FOOD. check this out: sugar does not make you fat.
    FAT makes you fat. if you want to eat a lot, meaning well beyond 2,000 cals
    a day, and maintain a lean figure, then become a high carb vegan. if you
    want to be weak with no energy levels, then yes, stay away from carbs.

  6. Check out Gordon Ramsey’s video on how to make the most delicious scrambled
    eggs ever! And yes the eggs are definitely Paleo! Sans the bread ;-) 

  7. to comment on a former comment by 29sentz who claims “fruit is freely
    provided by nature” LOL at that because meat is freely provided by nature!
    I am gonna get some MEAT! It is all natural and freely provided and the
    killing it is in my nature.

  8. You look really good to me!
    I’ve been telling people about grains and processed foods for a long time,
    most people think grains are good for you.

  9. As a vegan, I feel I should comment because a lot of people in this comment
    section seem to have a deep-seated hatred for us.

    I could not care less what you eat so long as you are happy. If you are
    having success on primal/paleo, congratulations – I am happy for you.

    I made the choice to be vegan for *myself*. It was *my* decision, and I
    don’t expect anyone else to change the way they eat (and think about the
    world) just because I did.

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