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crossfit paleo diet

Image by Dain Sandoval

VEGETARIAN Bodybuilder Luiz Freitas IFBB Mr Olympia Massive Muscle on Plant Based Diet without Meat
crossfit paleo diet

Image by vegetarians-dominate-meat-eaters-01
VEGETARIAN MUSCLE – Plants are the best source of protein. Meat and steak get their protein from plants in the 1st place, cows eat plants, cows don’t eat meat.

So meat eaters are simply eating already-chewed degraded protein infested with parasites, estrogen feminine hormones, and meat that has been chewed by an animal, already digested, and has probably touched pieces of liquid feces.

Vegetarians get the clean tough original protein. Meat-Eaters are eating a vegetarian’s sloppy seconds.

Vegetarian OLYMPIA class Bodybuilder Luiz Freitas is packed with higher-quality more solid muscle. Consider the flabbyness of the tissue of a pig (animal) loose limp flappy bacon, eaten by the meat eater, versus the strength of an Oak which is made into a bat.

You don’t say wow, that guy has muscles like bacon, or legs like a pig as a compliment, instead you say wow that guy has legs like tree trunks and strong as an Oak as a remark of wonder, solidly built, and massive strength.

Meat and steak contain girl’s menstrual hormones: progesterone, melangestrol, and estradiol. These are the juices that meat eaters talk about in a "big juicy steak" that feminine meat-eaters are craving. This feminine juice in beef effeminizes a man’s body and gives a man wide hips, and gives meat-eaters their soft rounded feminine shoulders and flabby stomachs.

Vegetarians do not have this problem, are not eating the female hormones in meat, and are more manly. (Simply type "cattle estradiol" into GOOGLE to read nearly all meat is dripping with the hormones produced by a girl. Steak eaters are eating it with every piece of meat in the mouth.

Bodybuilding stores dont push meat, meat is a horrible faulty source of protein rich in girls hormones and cancer, -Surprise!- The protein powders in bodybuilding shops are ALL vegetarian! Whey protein powder is (lacto) vegetarian. Albumin or Egg protein shakes are also (ovo) vegetarian. Soy muscle protein is vegan. Knowledgeable bodybuilders already know to Avoid beef, steak, and red meat. And as you see, a Living Example of an Olympia-class bodybuilder Luiz Freitas is rippling with huge massive vegetarian muscle.

Note that the Biggest Bodybuilder in the World is also a Vegetarian. Many MMA UFC Fighters are vegetarian. Jake Shields ranked 4th in the world in the UFC is vegetarian. Heavyweight champion Frank Mir is vegetarian. The Ultimate Fighter Mac Danzig is vegan. Randy Couture practices a vegetarian diet. Uriah Faber WEC cage fighting champion eats vegetarian. The winner of the very 1st UFC Royce Gracie is vegetarian.

The INVENTOR of the UFC Rorion Gracie is vegetarian. The co-creator of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Carlos Gracie was vegetarian. Gracie Barra fighters are vegetarian. PowerLifting Champion Dalip Rana is vegetarian. And more.

Yes… The entire UFC and modern MMA Fighting was invented by a vegetarian.


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