Negative Effects of Paleo Diet with Robb Wolf

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Negative Effects of Paleo Diet with Robb Wolf

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42 thoughts on “Negative Effects of Paleo Diet with Robb Wolf

  1. If people were meant to eat meat they’d have no problem killing and eating
    creatures raw while they’re still bloody and warm. You’d actually get
    excited about it like carnivores do. Ever seen road kill and been tempted
    to pull over for nibble?

  2. All these diets: paleo, raw, vegan etc are pretty much BS by people making
    money by selling death defying delusions to idiots. People can eat every
    type of food, they should just limit intake of sugar and salt and avoid
    toxic or hormone imbalancing shit like HFGS, GMO, soy etc. Much more
    important than what you eat is how it was grown/made. All the poisonous
    shit that is sprayed to kill the bugs makes it into your system. All the
    waste products and hormones they feed to the meat animals make it into your
    system. This is why people are sick and allergic, not because someone eats
    oatmeal, nuts, meat, fruit, vegetables. It’s retarded and sad how many
    people waste their time on these diets and diet wars.

  3. You gotta be kidding. Or lying. Who knows, who cares, anyway you are so
    wrong dude.
    If everyone went paleo the world would go under. Paleo could potentially be
    our apocalypse. The only sustainable future is vegan. The huge meat
    consumption would distribute to world hunger and climate issues because of
    the resources meat production requires and people will get sick, get
    cancer, heart disease, this diet is dangerous to humans. Humans are not
    carnivores, not even omnivores, we are herbivores. Haven’t you learned how
    animal protein makes your blood acidic and makes you pee out the calcium
    from your bones leading you to osteoporosis?
    The paleo diet is a lie. A lie told to make money out of people’s
    desperation for quick weightloss. 

  4. haha, all those raging people thinking Paleo is only a meat-eating society :) . Don’t you know, you only need about ~0,8-1,5g Protein/kg bodyweight a
    day. I don’t think the overall Paleo-ppl are eating more meat now cause of
    Paleo, instead most people will get their diet more balanced cause of

  5. any deluded person who thinks animal based foods and fats are good for
    human consumption needs to see this. A Doctors Scientific look at Foods
    That Kills and cause cancer

  6. Doesn’t trust itself? Where are you getting that? I’m sorry you don’t
    understand statistical significance and power, but this is actually
    considered to be a large sample size for the type of experiment.

  7. My point was to show that an incomplete study that doubts itself is not
    something you want to rely on. Not even in passing.

  8. Alchemy isn’t pseudo science, and just because someone told you or wrote in
    a book that it doesn’t exist, does not mean that it doesn’t exist. We are
    taught this as fact as it would essentially devalue precious minerals. Just
    to add; it would be far better to consume raw meat than cooked, and then
    you run into lots of trouble with parasites… Good luck with that one. Try
    feeding a natural predator cooked meat.

  9. Wrong about what was eaten back then. There is a great TEDxTalk that
    debunks the paleo diet. You should look it up. Sorry about being a bit of a
    dick in my previous comment. It’s just frustrating to me to see people
    promoting eating fuck loads of meat when it’s been proven to increase risks
    of so many diseases and cancer. That may sound crazy but if you look up
    “The China Study” or watch the movie “Forks over Knives” you’ll see where
    I’m coming from.

  10. Ok if Paleo has worked for you, I am truely happy for you. I understand you
    can get carbs from other sources than grains and legumes, so that’s not my

  11. I think it might be you who could brush up on reading scientific
    literature. If the effect size were sufficient, a study like this could be
    done with as few as 3 people and attain significance. I suggest a
    statistics course.

  12. I don’t see the point in asking a doctor what will happen if I stop
    ingesting cholesterol. Back at the turn of the 20th century doctors were
    telling people not to exercise with weights or they would have heart
    attacks. They also recommended a glass of blended raw beef liver per day.
    It’s all about eating to live, not living to eat. Most people don’t need to
    ingest large quantities of calories to survive. So when they do, their
    bodies become over taxed and begin to fail.

  13. How does the brain receive adequate nutrients to peform optimally on a
    paleo diet? It’s known that the brain requires sugars/carbs in order to
    function properly. How much it needs is probably the important question

  14. Shows how much you researched on Dr Reams. From that point I take it you
    don’t look much up at all. Therefore I’m obviously wasting time replying to

  15. @guitargczr699 Just because the body recognizes something as fuel doesn’t
    make it optimal. The body recognizes cocaine as a stimulant, but that
    doesn’t make it the best substance to elevate mood. Show me the study that
    shows ketones contribute to organ failure. I don’t want some conjecture
    from a vegan/vegetarian advocate. Most people confuse ketosis with type I
    diabetes induced ketoacidosis. The latter of which is harmful to organs and
    fatal, while the former is perfectly natural (continued)

  16. Your results do not debunk anything. All your results show is that human
    beings can adapt very well to different food sources. That is assuming that
    you are healthy of course, which is a big assumption.

  17. read Vilhjalmur Stefansson’s “The Fat of the Land”, you can search that on
    google and get it for free. also you can read the study done on him and
    another colleague where they lived on meat for a year under observation.
    all markers of health improved

  18. @guitargczr699 While what you are saying is true, it does NOT neccesitate a
    diet rich in carbs. The reason why dietary sources of carbs are
    unneccessary, is because the body and brain can run on ketones (a byproduct
    of fat metabolism) and it can synthesize glycogen/blood glucose from
    protein and fat, via a process called gluconeogenesis. If these processes
    did not exist, hunter populations, in frigid climates, where edible
    vegetation DOES NOT grow, would all have died of starvation.

  19. @wormmy1 Nutrient density isn’t the only thing that is important, and
    eating too much offal can cause toxicity from too much of certain
    nutrients. Offal, like all meat, contains no fibre, and uses a large amount
    of energy to digest compared to plant foods. What about antioxidants,
    phyto-chemicals, enzymes? We also need high water fruit and vegetables for
    healthy blood and lymphatic system.

  20. “humans were genetically designed for much lower lipids level than is
    currently considered ‘average’. Adult animals in the wild and more
    primitive contemporary human societies share diets low in fats and have
    similar very low blood cholesterol levels. Furthermore, extrapolation of
    data from meta-analyses suggest the incidence of cardiovascular events
    would approach zero if LDL-C were <60 mg/dl in primary prevention and 30
    mg/dl in secondary prevention. Ther Adv Cardiovasc Dis June 2010 4: 185-1

  21. @Nowhereman10 He says ‘nice guy’ as a preamble to most of his insulting
    material, because it keeps his cronies under the bizarre impression that
    he’s a really chilled out, compassionate duuuuude.

  22. yes..its not beneficial to find a banana tree with hundreds of bananas on
    it and consume them…its more efficient to track through a jungle for 5
    hours and try and kill small animals like wild pig/boar from long range
    with a bow and arrow.

  23. @Lakkhesis1976 Quit trying to talk down to me. We’re not getting anywhere
    if you keep dodging simple questions, so stop doing it and respond
    properly. I know that fresh, raw fruits and vegetables have the highest
    nutrient to calorie ratio. They have the highest density of antioxidents,
    the highest number of phyto-chemicals, the most amount of the best types of
    fibre. They also have high levels of enzymes which are essential for
    optimum digestion. What’s your argument?

  24. mcdonalds using free range beef? really? where did you hear that one? and
    why are you only using red meat as an example. I could turn it around and
    say a mcdonalds meal contains all the components of a vegan diet, just
    throw away the burger.

  25. @guitargczr699 First, Dr. Atkins died due to a head injury that he endured,
    when he slipped on the ice, rushing to work (at the age of 72). Look it up
    on Wikipedia. The notion that he died due to heart disease is nothing more
    than propaganda promoted by his vegan detractors. Secondly, people within
    the Paleo movement have highly active lifestyles. In fact most people in
    the crossfit community, which involves high intensity exercise, adhere to
    Paleo or some other low carb diet (continued)

  26. look at pictures of dr. greg ellis, thats someone who did it and applied
    it. for me ive gotten to bored with the diet and am going to go back to
    eating some carbs, but keeping it paleo as always. i also eat dairy as i
    tolerate it just fine

  27. @Nowhereman10 Oh, I think he has any number of youtube usernames and does
    alot of positive commenting on his own posts, and has also managed to gain
    favour with a number of mentally ill cronies with way too much time on
    their hands at the funny farm. He advocates frequent urination- CLEAR at
    least 10 times daily, as well as 3-4 times throughout the night, is his
    general rule of thumb. He does drink excessive amounts of water, but the
    bladder usually adjusts more effectively than he reports.

  28. If animal fat does not cause heart disease,,,then why do vegans on a low
    fat diet(and get most of their calories from carbs) have a lower rate of
    heart disease?? And why is it that individuals ona high fat diet, are more
    at risk of developing heart disease??

  29. Oh okay, it would have been more clear had you said that in the first
    place. Not sure why you didn’t… But they DID die!!! There are many things
    that are not fatal, that doesn’t mean they are healthy. If paleo is so
    healthy, why are people on the diet taking supplements??

  30. so you claim to be cured but use blood pressure medicine…to stop you
    getting a heart atatck from all the fat.!!!!…lol Thats not curing your
    diabetes..thats just replacing one problem with another.

  31. People just don’t want to listen. It isn’t carb-avoidance..It is excessive
    carb elimination. I’ve been on ‘Paleo’ for about five weeks. I’ve lost
    about ten pounds. It isn’t starvation or becoming a gym-rat. it’s just
    practical eating with moderate exercise. The people who whine about any
    kind of eating plan.. just don’t want to try anything. They want the ‘magic
    pill’. Forget it. Never going to happen. This isn’t Atkins/protein only
    dieting. No point in arguing. I’ll do what works..this works.

  32. @gymgymgymgym See, this sentence absolutely exemplifies your major
    misunderstandings of nutrition. It’s not a matter of me having an opinion
    about ‘the most nutritious foods’, it’s a matter of measurable nutrient
    density. It’s flipping science, not theory or belief.

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