Natural Health from A to Z

The Paleo Recipe Book

Natural Health from A to Z
These diets include Paleo, Glycemic Load, Fat Flush and Sugar Busters. While these are all good diets, some of these are more balanced than others. The more balanced the diet, the greater chance of long term success. My favorite SUPPLEMENT that helps …
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Study Says More Boys Born in US than Girls
Brittney Tatchell/Smithsonian Institution(NEW YORK) — Researchers studying the bones of an ancient skeleton in Washington state have uncovered an interesting twist to the man's original “paleo” diet. Scientists have been examining the mysterious …

A key bacteria from hunter gatherers' guts is missing in industrial societies
392924423_860dafa0a4_o Trends like the paleo diet and probiotic supplements attest to the popular idea that in industrial societies, our digestion has taken a turn for the worse. The scientific community is gathering evidence on how the overuse of …
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