My WLS yogurt day. I lost 7lbs in 2 days

The Paleo Recipe Book

Greek yogurt Day 1. Eat only 0% Greek yogurt I find Fage works the best. 2. Up to 2 cups of fruit for the day on your yogurt. Apples and berries are best 3. …
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13 thoughts on “My WLS yogurt day. I lost 7lbs in 2 days

  1. @gastricRose a health food store here called FRASHER FARMS. I am not sure
    if you have one. let me know if you can not find them. I will send you

  2. ΑΑΑΑΑΑΑΑ ρε ΠΑΤΡΙΔΑ!μπραβο σου amy συνεχισε την καλη δουλεια!

  3. But you can’t live on yogurt forever. What do eat when this is over? Why
    not eat a sensible diet and do cardio? You know, the way you’re actually
    supposed to lose weight. Not this fad/crash yogurt diet.

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