My Experience On The Paleo Diet + Why I Had To Stop Despite Weight Loss

The Paleo Recipe Book

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24 thoughts on “My Experience On The Paleo Diet + Why I Had To Stop Despite Weight Loss

  1. Paleo is more lifestyle not a quick fix diet. This guy is just rambling
    about something he knows nothing about.

  2. Any diet that cuts out sugar and oils will allow you to loose weight. The
    Paleo diet is disgusting, does not work, causes people to be sick and
    promotes the killing of even more animals. It does in NO way emulate what
    our so-called ancestors ate.

    The article by Dr. McDougall ‘The Paleo Diet is Uncivilized, Unhealthy and
    Untrue’ is an inspirational read:

  3. so i have been on paleo now for a month and as a 23 year old who is 5’10
    and weighed 250 i have noticed great things im more active and feel so much
    better without all the chemicals and proceed shit i have been eating, it is
    a life choice but i think it is a great starter for someone who wants to
    lose weight and get use to working out and eating healthier not just a
    simple quick fix to lose weight, but i have lost 14 pounds and i will keep
    this up but slowly introduce beans and rice back into my diet to help build
    muscle.. with my bodybuilding routine 

  4. Wuzzz up! So in your recent videos you weigh more than what you did in
    this video (224). You must have gained some weight between then and now.
    I too am trying to lean out (currently ~264 at 5’8″) and have started a new
    diet called intermittent fasting. It’s supposed to be great for fat loss
    etc. You heard of it?

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I really appreciate your honesty.
    Im doing about 70% paleo this week and going 100% paleo next week so I can
    slowly adapt. I counted macros doing the IIFYM diet and it completely
    messed up my thoughts on food. I come from an eating disorder background
    and while trying to recover from anorexia, i found that IIFYM (even though
    it helped me gain weight) just made me more obsessed about counting. I want
    to try paleo so i can appreciate wholesome foods and not be obsessed with
    counting anymore. Thanks again for sharing. You’re awesome and it’s always
    best to do what works for you. :) 

  6. I dont think u should feel bad.. like.. at all . Not saying u feel wrong or
    anything. Just sayin, ur doing a great job and i’m sure your friends and
    family are proud of u. Take care

  7. Check out ‘primal body primal mind’ by Nora Gedgaudas – alternatively look
    her up on here for the explanation of paleo – the health implications of
    grains etc are not good at all!

  8. Going paleo is difficult at first (personal experience) as it is diffucult
    to know what to eat at the start. Most people lose weight repidly during te
    first week then see a decline in the rate of loss. The initial loss is due
    to depletion of glycogen in the muscle tissue and the water associated with
    it. Once depleted the real loss that happens is that of body fat. Ideally
    no more than 2lbs per week should be typical as 1lb of fat contains around
    3500 calories (a high amont for anybody of a typical lifestyle to burn
    through metabolism, exercise and NEAT). 2lbs represents 7000 calories of
    burnt fat. 2lbs may not sound much but when you consider the typical
    amounts a man/woman (2500/2000) burns typically including the food eaten
    then burning an extra 7000 calories in a week is an impressive amount (1/2
    to 1/2.5 as a fraction of the daily required calories to reman at the same
    weight!). To do this you do need to create a calorie deficit!

    You can eat 2500 cals a day for example on paleo and lose nothing if you
    are only burnng 2500 cals a day! On the plus side, paleo /LCHF dets really
    do a great ob of controllng appetite. I never get hungry on low carb and
    could easily drop to lower calore intake. I actually make a concous decison
    to eat enough on low carb!

    Beware of brain fog / headaches – low carb can cause these smptoms. The key
    for me was to eat more salt (Sea salt and potassium chloride) Once doing
    this I felt much better personally. If paleo doesn’t work for you, don’t
    give up – keep researching Sweden no recommend eating a low carb high fat
    diet to treat obesity and diabetes – Google t and read the data!

  9. I loved paleo and doing 16 hr fast sped up healing and weight loss. Felt
    great, clear skin, more energy, felt better. If you buy some paleo
    cookbooks on amazon it makes it really easy. You can replace the non paleo
    foods you’re used to with other foods, cauliflower fried rice was one of my
    favorites. You get accustomed to the changes and they taste even better
    and feel better for the body. Unfortunately I’m trying go gain weight now
    so I’m off Paleo, if I can figure out how to gain large amount of weight on
    Paleo I would go back on in a heartbeat because it doesn’t cause
    inflammation like non paleo foods. It is a really easy great diet to

  10. Hi, did the diet mess up your antidepressants? I take antidepressants for a
    major anxiety disorder and i’m curious about the diet, but I don’t want to
    try it if it will mess with my meds. Can you let me know? thank you.

  11. Your story is remarkable..I relate to you not because of your specific
    experiences but just on how you have a daily inner struggle but you decided
    to make changes to better yourself and feel better. You haven’t
    disappointed anyone with your diet change, like you said, what’s most
    important is that you are doing what’s best for you. You have a new
    follower here! God bless, keep going!

  12. Hi, have you seen Fat Blast Factor? (Google it) You will learn about the
    serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Fat Blast Factor, you will
    discover how to lose weight quickly.

  13. it’s extremely hard to stick with any diet regime.. small amounts of most
    everything …except the crazy obvious “junk” is the only way …

  14. Have you experienced Exyph Fat Loss? (look for it on google) It is a quick
    and easy way for you to burn up fat fast.

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