Longevity? RAW PALEO DIET, Expert on HEALTH and WELLNESS

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I am a health and wellness expert. Since I was a teenager I was obsessed with wellness and health. I studied nutrition as a hobby. I was a very good competitive athlete and very disciplined….


2 thoughts on “Longevity? RAW PALEO DIET, Expert on HEALTH and WELLNESS

  1. Earthing and grounding is a very important thing to know about. Going
    barefoot, touching trees…touching the ground and being in touch with the
    earths electromagnetic fields is healthy for your body. There are movies on
    youtube about grounding and earthing and how this affects your health in a
    good way. It is one of the major ways to get healthier.

  2. What I eat that give me tremendous energy and vitality? RAW BEEF LIVER
    (freeze for two weeks or seer it only on the outside, eat it raw on the
    ORGAN Meats. LIVER ..free range or cage free raised liver..no hormones *fat
    soluble vitamin A ..either eat raw liver or take cod liver oil.
    Raw or SEARED not fully cooked (or raw, read up about it) (NO OIL cooked
    in water)
    RAW TONS OF RAW greens, KALE etc…organic
    RAW buckwheat groats ( organic) Soaked or soaked and sprouted)
    Raw mung beans sprouted
    Sprouted Wheat berries
    raw lentils sprouted (buy a five dollar sprouting jar and it is extremely
    easy to sprout)
    Raw free range eggs ( sometimes I boil it for 4 minutes and eat the yolk
    Wild smoked salmon with no nitrites
    all kinds of steamed fish
    Organic melons
    Lots of organic berries and I get them frozen in the winter
    nuts and seeds that are you organic
    RAW wheatgerm
    Only have organ meat twice a week
    Chick peas, cooked
    tomato..cooked or raw organic
    tons of variety of foods
    NO chips..no fried food..
    NOTE: I would watch your sodium levels…pickled herring and smoked salmon
    are very high in sodium. I eat mostly Sashami which is raw fish now.
    ..Kombucha tea..RAW
    lots of filtered, spring water..sometimes Evian
    not a lot of cooked food but limited cooked foods
    Raw cheese..preferably goat or sheep
    raw herrings..pickled
    Raw organic beets
    onions..organic, organic garlic. scallions
    lots of RAW herbs..fresh…organic or locally grown..:
    RAW oregano.cilantro, parsley
    RAW basil
    RAW mint
    rosemary etc…all raw
    Raw turmeric
    no soda, no candies..
    BEE POLLEN, fresh not in capsuls.
    Vitamin D3
    Kelp or Dulse, soaked but not cooked.
    Wakame, and Nori, sometimes I get Nori raw and I don’t cook seaweed
    Raw fruits, no juice, sometimes organic grape juice.
    Carrots ..sometimes steamed
    Quinoa, raw and sprouted. Red and White. Organic
    sometimes I have RAW chocolate or organic dark chocolate..preferrably RAW
    RAW crackers.
    Olives, vegetables of every kind. RAW vegetables.
    Fish eggs with no artificial coloring when I can get them.
    Wild Organic rice, Soaked or Sprouted. ..not cooked. Soak till
    soft….aduki beans raw and sprouted.
    cabbage organic
    no juice…just wheatgrass juice 

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