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The Paleo Recipe Book

How to work on different body types
Diet chart: Balance between carbs and proteins. Electrolytes Low-fat yogurt. Post dance: Whey protein powder and water. OFFICE-GOERS Nine-to-five workers generally live a more or less a stationary life. Time crunches and long working hours leave little …
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Soylent wins converts in Vancouver — to the concept if not the taste
Registered dietitian Nicole Fetterly says Soylent is just another take on liquid meal replacements like Ensure and Boost, both of which are aimed at people who are ailing or for other reasons unable to eat a proper diet. She worries the low fibre …
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Training Matters: Tips for athletes to increase weight gain
Change it up by adding a scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt occasionally. Add healthy fats to your diet by adding avocado to sandwiches, oil based salad dressing to your salads, spreading peanut butter or other nut butters on toast, bagels or crackers …
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