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Meet the new hard-core version of the Paleo diet
The Paleo diet has grown in popularity over the last few years, despite the fact there is no large-scale scientific evidence to support its claims. Like most fad diets, it relies on the personal success stories of people to keep its momentum, and like …
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Diet showdown: Paleo, #IQS, the 5:2 diet and activated almonds
You can join the hordes avoiding the fructose component of sugar in Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar program, eat grass-fed meat and vegetables alongside Evans on the Paleo diet, intermittently fast on the 5:2, adopt a whole foods approach or shun gluten.
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Paleo Diet Update: New Berkley Café Is For Paleo Diet Fans
Both cafés use gluten and grain-free ingredients to make the cuisines. The owners of the café said that they started the Paleo diet through trial and error. One of them said, "We did all kinds of testing – I guess you would call it bio-hacking. Once I …
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