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New Nordic diet takes crown from Mediterranean diet
Now, adding to the Scando swell, the Nordic diet is now in Vogue. Literally. "Beyond Paleo: Is Eating Like a Viking the Next It Diet?" trumpets the latest edition of the fashion bible. "The Mediterranean diet is out, and the Nordic diet is in," chimed …
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Mediterranean diet not all Greek to you
While high-protein, low-carb and gluten-free eating has been the trend among some in recent years, Schatzlein said the Mediterranean method is different. “It's not a 'diet' like the paleo or Atkins diets. Those diets have strict rules to follow …
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Obesity – How'd THAT Happen?
First, Lustig does a review of the science on all popular diets — low-fat, Atkins low-carb, vegetarian/vegan, traditional Japanese, Mediterranean, Ornish, paleo, low-glycemic index — in a mere two pages (188-190). He says they all work — if you …
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