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Insider Guide: Best of Colorado skiing
You'll wait in line for hearty breakfasts at Snooze, but won't complain once the food arrives. The sweet potato pancakes are recommended. The only restrictions to Denver's nightlife are 2 a.m. liquor licensing laws. Denver's nightlife scene is not …
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Insider Guide: Best of Stockholm
It doesn't get more eco-friendly and organic than dining on freshly baked bread and pastries made from biodynamic flour at Rosendals Trädgård café and bakery. Don't be surprised by long lunch lines. This best of Stockholm restaurant is extremely …
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The scientific truth about diets
Scientific rationale might have made short work of raw food, but researchers have engaged more enthusiastically with other fashionable eating plans. Take the paleo diet, the most Googled eating plan of them all. By basing the diet on the supposed …


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