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Rethinking your plate
So many of our Factor X Fitness clients come in with the notion they are “eating healthy” on a diet. What exactly is eating healthy? Is it low calorie? Low fat? Paleo? Gluten gree? There are so many diets out there. No wonder everyone gets confused all …
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Pete Evans questions why frozen pizzas have been awarded Heart Foundation
The My Kitchen Rules judge, who is now a convert to the Paleo diet and based in Sydney, has questioned why the red tick appears on many products like frozen pizzas and kids chocolate breakfast cereal which don't appear to be healthy and good for the …
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5 New Pumpkin Foods To Get You Fired Up About Fall
Nothing says "Fall" quite like pumpkin. But nothing says "gross" quite like the onslaught of gag-inducing, artificially-flavored foods that have no business tasting like Fall (ahem… margarine, pudding, gum, even soda). But amidst the sea of offensive …


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