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Can Jeb Bush fire up the base like he's fired up the establishment?
He snacks on unsalted almonds as part of a strict “paleo” diet. That meant eating takeout from Ruth's Chris Steak House on the ride from Columbia to Myrtle Beach on Tuesday night, or pulled pork with no barbecue sauce during a recent stop in Waukee, Iowa.
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11 Hawai'i General Stores You Must Visit
Indeed, though built on the appetites of the blue-collar workforce of the surrounding neighborhood, Alicia's has found new followers all over town, including the CrossFit gym members down the road. Might the Old General Store Diet supplant the Paleo Diet?

Reader tells Weigl: You dropped the ball!
HAHA I haven't eaten lunch meat in years because I try to eat real food, cooked by me, and there is a name and an app for that now days and it's Paleo Diet (I call mine abbreviated Paleo diet) which is real food with conveniences of this century. So …
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