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Paleo diet: Pete Evans says controversial baby broth never hurt anyone
The celebrity chef appeared on the Seven Network's Sunday Night program, spruiking the benefits of the caveman-style diet, as reporter Mike Willesee embarked on a 10-week trial of the lifestyle. A digital version of a paleo cookbook for young children, …
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Best Heart-Healthy Choices at the Grocery Store (Video)
Many of us want to eating a heart-healthy diet, but making the right food choices can be a challenge – especially at the grocery store. The sheer number of choices can seem overwhelming. Merely choosing a loaf of bread from the dozens of brands and …
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Are we really becoming a nation of Paleo dieters?
In other words, what you put on your plate is limited to what you can pick off a bush or a tree or what you can chase down and eat before it eats you. Guns are not allowed; a bow and arrow is prohibited. Those tools weren't available to our most …
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