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The 'Perfect Human Diet' Is the Low Carb Paleo Diet, Says Provocative Film
Over time, humans evolved into a hunter-gatherer species that survived on a diet of meat and wild plants. Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet for Athletes and The Paleo Diet Cookbook, said grains, legumes and dairy did not even appear in our evolution …
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Is the Paleo Diet Good for Runners?
Since carbohydrates are non-negotiable for endurance athletes, Cordain co-authored The Paleo Diet for Athletes with Joe Friel, a renowned coach with a master's degree in exercise science. A refinement of Cordain's original Paleo Diet, this regimen …

CrossFit: Pointless Pain Or Elite Fitness?
But CrossFitters – those who take part in CrossFit's brutal workouts and stringent diet – are infamous for their fanatical devotion to their fitness philosophy. They can be found doing pull-ups and heavily weighted squats, flipping tires or hitting …
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