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Blake dietician warns against fad diets that tout miracles
… referring to the Paleo diet, a current rage, which suggests proponents should eat only things a cavemen could find by hunting and gathering, which includes meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds, but eliminates grains, cereals, dairy …
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The Best Diets For Seniors
That means making the most of the calories you take in, she says, not just eating a bowl of cereal for dinner or making entire meals of toast and tea. “You don't … Although the paleo diet was lower-ranking among the Best Diets, he says “it could be a …
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The start-up era? Curious consumers and online shoppers help, says Mintel
Last year, 2,919 bakery, snack and cereal firms in the EU launched new products – up from 2,615 in 2013 and 2,346 in 2012, suggesting growing activity from smaller or newer companies, according to Mintel. From diabetic bakery products to paleo bars and …


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