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The Paleo Recipe Book

Dash, TLC, Mediterranean Top List of Best Diets
Below, the top five diets (including ties) for each category on the list. Best Overall Diets. Dash. TCL. Mediterranean. Weight Watchers. Mayo Clinic. Best Weight Loss. Weight Watchers. HMR Diet. Jenny Craig. Biggest Loser. Raw Food. Easiest to Follow.
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In search of a personalised diet
Constant cravers always want to eat and their "hungry brains" often want fatty and sugary foods. Scientists know certain genes make people … and can increase a desire for unhealthy foods. Recognise this and make shopping lists when you are not hungry.
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The 52 New Foods Challenge: 2015's Best New Year's Resolution
To make things easier for the rest of us, Tyler Lee's book contains a suggested starting list of 52 new foods, as well as several simple, family-friendly recipes for each food on her list. If the list doesn't resonate with you, consider it a starting …
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