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The 2015 Diet Trends You Need To Know About
A steak-lover's paradise, the Bulletproof Diet is similar to the Caveman (or Paleo) as it involves eating lots and lots of meat. But it differs in that it requires that a huge 50-60% of your total calories intake to come from saturated and omega-3 …
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'Caveman' diet: Can you eat Stone Age food in the 21st Century?
The Paleo diet plan is not your typically recommended “balanced” diet and instead exceeds the guideline daily amounts (GDA) for fat and protein intake and falls quite short on carbs. Because the diet encourages the consumption of large amounts of meat, …
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How to Lose Weight With Paleo
If the goal is to eat the way our hunter/gather ancestors ate, then how do protein bars, cookies, pizza, wraps and the like fit into that food plan? Not being a devoted student of … It brought the best of healthier eating with flexibility to allow me …
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