Is Hair Dye a Health Hazard?

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Is Hair Dye a Health Hazard?
In the mid-1800s, English chemist William Henry Perkin serendipitously synthesized the first non-natural dye: starting with coal tar, he was hoping to produce the malaria drug quinine but instead created mauve. His discovery revolutionized the textile …
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Bumping up fitness
The sport was originally called Mintonette, and was created by William Morgan, a YMCA physical education director, in February 1895, also according to Wikipedia, and has been a part of the Olympics since 1964. “It's such a fine-tuned game and it's so …
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CrossFit's Annie Thorisdottir: is this the fittest woman in the world?
Aegidius, with his T-shirt now back on, has popped by to deliver his girlfriend's mid-morning meal, a large microwaved container of scrambled eggs, beef and sweet potato. This comes, Thorisdottir explains, from a company that prepares and delivers …


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