The Paleo Recipe Book

The Paleo Diet has become popular among athletes; as an early adopter I'm very pleased. However, other than a bit of salmon, shrimp or tuna, most people are missing out on half the diet, thus half the advantages. Undoubtedly, the first humans spent …
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Jason Dufner loses 20 pounds on the Phil Mickelson 'no-Twinkie' diet
"Phil's basically following a Paleo diet, which is gluten-free, no sugars and no processed foods," Cochran told Golf Digest recently. "I think it's how we were designed … "In the first five or six weeks I've had some immediate results," he said. "I'm …
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Portage man drops 180 pounds through diet, exercise
I said, 'I don't eat much.' But looking back, I'd sometimes eat 6,000 calories a day." He recalled how he'd sometimes have dinner with his family, then still be hungry and go get burgers from McDonald's. After his wife went to bed, he'd plop a couple …
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