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Ido Portal on Paleo Diet, CrossFit, Gymnastics, Motivation, Movement & More – RawBrahs full 1hr long interview at …


16 thoughts on “Ido Portal on Paleo Diet, CrossFit, Gymnastics, Motivation, Movement & More – RawBrahs

  1. Olympic wrestlers and Judoka’s seem more superhuman to me than
    Gymnasts…but no matter, any form of movement is good for you, interesting
    stuff, talented guy.

  2. Ido Portal – zajímavý týpek. Díky za doporučení +Osobní trenér Jan Charamza

    Hýbej se protože můžeš, hýbej se nebo o tu možnost jednou přijdeš a to pak
    bude špatný den…
    Říká v závěru videa Ido a já jen přikyvuji.. 

  3. Dude is a beast. A physical specimen as well; definitely good physical
    genetics. It’s hard not to want to figure out what Ido is up to? Want to
    learn. Follow his teachings.

    Unfortunately, Ido is an “all or nothing” type of guy. So he discriminates
    other “fitness” movements for “their incompleteness.” But then when you
    look at what he himself teaches, HE ONLY takes on students that will work
    2-3 hours 5 days a week.

    This is nice. But as far as “something that a majority can follow,” he
    leaves us with NOTHING. He doesn’t offer a “more basic version” that he
    considers “way more complete” than crossfits, more than bar movements, more
    than calisthenics, more than gymanstics…

    And a version that a “normal person” could follow, and improve their

    Maybe they wouldn’t be the star that Ido is, but their movement and
    strength would improve and they could be satisfied.

    And how is a middle aged adult, say near 40, supposed to GET ANYTHING from


    The Ido follower that then ADAPTS the “best of” Ido’s teachings, to be
    ACCESSIBLE to people at home, people that want to move better and have fun;

  4. ,,what are we training for? we not training we moving” yeah ok don’t train
    just move and brake ur neck when u do a back flip.
    and what business do i have moving other objects? that is called weight

  5. I see what he means about gymnasts. The world championships from China are
    on at the moment and I’ve always thought – particularly the men – that they
    have very slim legs compared to the rest of their body. So, as Ido
    suggests, it’s because they use sprung ‘mechanisms’ to make their jumps and
    rarely do their legs get a work out as such. 

  6. Fuck “Calisthenics” and “Street Workout,” it is just a blatant plagiarism
    and a weak attempt at commercialization of basic GYMNASTICS. It is called
    Gymnastics, there is no such thing as “Calisthenics” you freaking morons.
    They all do basic gymnastics movements with shitty form and try to act all
    hipster with their shitty terms just like “Crossfit.”

  7. Sometimes it is the stillness in between the movements that makes it
    2:35 is that example, it is not the movement at that point, it is the
    stillness that is perfect.

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