How to lose weight while eating properly on a Paleo Diet

The Paleo Recipe Book

How to lose weight while eating properly on a Paleo Diet
If you've been following a Paleo diet, you might be frustrated at why your weight loss results aren't as great as you thought they would be. I stand firm in my belief that Paleo (or, ahem, part-time Paleo) is the ultimate way to meet nutritional …
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Caveman 'Paleo diet' : Our ancestors were focused on survival, not eating a
The paleo diet (Paleolithic diet) is also referred to as the 'caveman diet'. This is a nutrition plan that is based on foods that were available during the Paleolithic era, which lasted about 2.5 million years. The theory is that the human body has not …
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Caveman 'Paleo diet' likely differed substantially over time, space
The researchers offer several points that need to be considered by people wishing to emulate the diets of our ancestors including: it's very difficult to characterize the Paleo diet. Advocates suggested certain types of foods and a percentage of energy …
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