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Easy Paleo Recipes

Knowing, and then applying each of these seven keys will unlock not only the simplicity of fat loss for you, but also many other healthy benefits in your life.

Here are the seven keys:

Fat Loss Key #1: Consume High Quality Fuel

Throughout this program you will be learning to select the best quality foods so that you not only get a high amount of energy and fullness from the food you eat, but also so that you avoid the toxins and chemicals that are in processed foods. By focusing on high quality real food, not processed food, you will naturally start to detox your body, cleanse your system, and have more energy from this change alone.

Fat Loss Key #2: Keep Insulin Levels Low and Constant

It is a fact that if insulin levels are high, fat will be stored in your cells. Conversely, if insulin levels are low and constant, fat will start to burn. Insulin levels are impacted by how quickly simple sugars are introduced into your bloodstream. The worst offenders are processed carbs like bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, pies, syrup, etc. These ‘foods’ are actually not found in nature and have to be manufactured using processes that dramatically reduce the original nutritional value of the components and end up creating a food that quickly turns into sugar in your bloodstream.

Fat Loss Key #3: Use High Intensity Interval Training

Utilizing a specific type of exercise method called interval training dramatically reduces the amount of time needed for exercise, and also dramatically increases the long lasting fat burning effects of the exercise. The great thing about this type of exercise is that it can be done at home and with your own bodyweight and will not only help you create a caloric deficit so fat loss can occur, but it will also force your muscles to get toned and firm.

Fat Loss Key #4: Consume Enough Protein To Protect Lean Muscle Mass

It is important to remember that while fat loss is the measure by which we are going to track your success, there is really a bigger picture. The big picture is how you look overall.

Do you look fit, lean, athletic, toned, and in proportion? The great thing about losing fat is that you will naturally start to have a more attractive shape.

However, what you don’t want to do is to end up a thinner version of your current body shape. So, in order to sculpt your body so that you get the ‘hollywood’ body shape that we all find appealing, you MUST protect your lean muscle mass.

Your muscle is what gives you the attractive lines and curves (men too) in the right places. So the ideal goal is to lose fat, and maintain or ever grow some muscle. The only way to do that is by protecting your muscles by consuming the proper amount of protein daily, while exercising just enough to signal to your body that you really need to keep the muscle that you already have.

This makes sure that your muscles have the building blocks they need to maintain and grow, while your fat stores are being depleted.

Fat Loss Key #5: Short Intermittent Fasts

If you have never tried fasting before or have not experienced its benefits, then you are in for a surprise. Scientifically proven to boost the good hormones that promote fat loss, short intermittent fasts of less than 24 hours (typically around 16-18 hours) are a powerful weapon we can use to destroy fat.

In fact, in several important studies it has been shown that no slow down in metabolism occurs if you keep your fast less than 24 hours, which we are doing. Actually, the exact opposite occurs and a slight speeding up of the metabolism occurs!

Not only does it help create a caloric deficit, but it also is completely safe the way we will be teaching you to do it.

There are numerous health benefits that health conscious people have enjoyed for thousands of years from short-term fasts, and since the majority of the fast is while you are sleeping, it’s really more of a mental exercise than anything else.

Remember, short fasts like we will use here have been found to have no effect whatsoever on your metabolism rates, in fact, during a short term fast, your metabolism actually increases!

Fat Loss Key #6: Utilizing The Proper Amount Of Water To Prevent Dehydration Effects

In general most people silently suffer from dehydration and its effects without ever realizing it. The body requires a large amount of fluid each day, and since your body is made up of at least 70% water, you will see great benefits from increasing your intake to adequate levels.

Your hunger will subside, toxins can be flushed out of your system, and even symptoms such as headaches will fade.

Without the proper amount of water in your system your critical hormonal functions are also compromised, making it very difficult to become a fat burner with a fast metabolism.

Water is a critical component to your health and you will learn how to consume just the right amount and begin to be amazed at the health benefits.

Fat Loss Key #7: Understanding and Planning For Adequate Rest And Recovery

Hardly anyone ever talks about rest and recovery as part of fat loss, but trust me, it’s a VERY important part of the puzzle.

Rest and recovery is vitally important for two major reasons.

First, as you begin to exercise according to the system in this book, you will be pushing your muscles to grow and adapt. This process of repairing and rebuilding muscle takes energy and rest.

The second reason rest and recovery periods are important is for their stress-reducing effects. The more relaxation time you build into your day, the better chance you have to reduce stress in your life. And we know that high stress is a contributor to weight gain.

In fact, when you are highly stressed it is very difficult to stay motivated and stick with any fat loss program.

However, when you do introduce practices into your life that promote peacefulness, contemplation, and rest and recovery, you will be creating a very favorable environment for fat loss to occur.


Fat Loss Key #8: Motivation Strategies To Reframe Your Thinking About What Is Possible And Keep You On Track.
Each of the seven fat loss keys listed above requires that you take some sort of action. In fact, without taking some sort of action, nothing ever changes.

But what precedes action?

Your thoughts do.

It may sound like a very simple, almost childlike concept, but this is actually quite profound if you grasp the significance and power of it.

Think about this; the exact place you find yourself in today is a result of thousands upon thousands of thoughts you have had in your life. Thoughts that led you to take specific actions.

The results of these actions have determined the kind of life you have, the people you find yourself with, and even the quality of your health.

Yes, even the amount of fat you have on your body at this moment.

Every action you have taken to get you where you are today was preceded by a thought. Some thoughts lead us to take actions that are good for us. Other thoughts lead us to take actions that are detrimental to our health and wellbeing.

But, the good news is that just as a series of thoughts, and then actions, led you to this place, a different series of thoughts, then actions can lead you to the trim, lean body you want.

So, how do you change your thinking so that you can change your actions?

Well, it has already started.

You are here reading and learning. You are becoming aware of how your body actually works.

This is where it begins.

The more you read and learn, then apply, the more you will begin to rewire your thought patterns, and then ultimately your action patterns.

One of the best ways to help you do this is by applying some simple yet highly effective tools that will serve to keep you motivated.

These tools, such as goal setting and spending time thinking about what you want your new body to look like, are all important mechanisms we can use to keep our brains focused on our ultimate goal…fat loss and a lean fit body.

These Seven Fat Loss Keys form the underlying framework for the program and they have been the biggest reason for my own fat loss success.

The Paleo Recipe Book


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